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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

TEDx Talks : Sailesh Mishra passionate journey towards an age-friendly society

Our society rarely looks beyond the wrinkles of the aged, to see the person behind them. As someone who gave up his job, to work with the elderly, Mr.Sailesh Mishra talks of all that we owe our senior citizens. Mr. Sailesh Mishra is a social entrepreneur and Founder of Silver Innings Group, a community dedicated to senior citizens in India. He has won several awards including, the National Award.

‘Karamaveer Puraskar’ in 2008 and ‘Karmaveer Jyoti’ in 2016. His remarkable work in the field of Dementia and Elder Rights Advocacy has brought him accolades, respect and support from many renowned organizations around the world. Mr. Mishra has represented India in the United Nations in New York at ‘Open-ended Working Group on Aging for Elder Rights.’ He has also been featured in ‘Satyamev Jayate’. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

Oct 2017 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Why Elderly Mumbai couple wants to die ? is living worthless for 100 million plus Senior Citizens in Shining India ?

Today Nation is discussing about 86 years  Narayan Lavate and his 76 years wife Iravati Lavate, Elderly Mumbai couple who seek Presidential nod for ‘active euthanasia’.

After seeing this report in Newspaper, we were shocked, surprise and felt sad about decision of the elder couple to die.

We at Silver Innings are working with Senior Citizens since 2008, but this was one of its kind case for us, never had this kind of expression of feeling.

Senior citizens in developing country like India face many challenges, due to migration new trend of nuclear family, collapsing joint family, poverty, no or nil government support, very few civil society or community program, lack of regular income and old age health issues, only add stress to elders.

We decided to help this elder couple and meet them to first understand their plight, needs and why they took this decision. We thought we could counsel them for few times and if required with other people help we could even look after them.

It took us week time to meet them, as they were ‘busy’ meeting print and electronic media telling their story to the nation. This was their good chance to express their willingness for dying. 

It was good to tell the nation about your problem and extreme step you are going to take, but is it ok to get all media attention to legitimate your right to die ?  

On 20th Jan 2018, our Social Worker Ms. Mona Mishra and Consulting  Clinical Psychologist Ms. Raheen Jummani Jaiswal, finally were able to meet Lavate couple, after visit, we felt they have taken this decision after years of thought process and they reject any help from anyone, they were clear they don't want to be burden to anyone, it's their life and they have right to decide what they want and how to live.

We spend nearly one and half hour with this couple, discussing various aspects of their life and in what way we could help them.

But sorry, they were not ready to take help.

As an organization we feel they are pointing out lack of support system for Elders in India - social, psychological, financial, health, community living etc

Euthanasia is not solution for normal people or people who face social challenges, it’s debatable, but a passive can be allowed for Terminal ill people of any age, if law of land permits.

Iam scared they might end up with suicide, government need to act soon, and take step, An empathy government officials visit might make some inroads. Police also should see that they don't end their life.

We all need to work together to SAVE their precious life.

We also need to take urgent steps for 100 million plus Elders in India, there should not be any situation where people take this kind of drastic decision.

Raheen Jummani Jaiswal , Clinical Psychologist  at Silver Innings and Founder at Open Your Arms Foundation says ‘We went with an intention to throw a different light on their decision of euthanasia.'

‘After understanding their reasons and case history, we tried several ways to help them and change their perspective. Nothing turned out to be fruitful as they are very strong and clear about their decision.' 

She adds ‘Mr. Lavate stressed two important points - What is the purpose of our life now? and
After few years if we are bed ridden who will take care of us?

The interaction with this couple and the entire conversation made me understand few things:
• We lack health care facilities and support system for the elderly especially for those who are childless
• The elderly feel isolated after a certain age as the society moves with its own pace without giving a thought on the lifes of the elders
• Our system lacks inclusion of elderly in their civic plans’

When people who have served their entire life for the benefit of others start feeling worthless... where are we heading????

Think about it!!!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Book Review by Ravi Shet: Remember Me: You, Me and Dementia

Book That Will Find Place in Your Book Shelf

Sailesh Mishra’s Remember Me: You, Me and Dementia is an easy read for any of us. This book is highly recommended to those who are on the dementia journey with their loved one. Dementia awareness is very poor in India and people impacted find it really hard to get information on it. With this book, Sailesh Mishra has made a sincere effort to promote hope and assurance for managing dementia and its consequences.

The book is divided into a number of chapters and can therefore be used successfully as a self-help guide, in which key issues are easily addressed. The chapters have been written by various peoples who are involved in the work related to dementia care and awareness. It intends to boost understanding of dementia and also elaborates the methods to handle symptoms and behaviour issues. It is packed with real time incidents which gives more genuine emotional appeal to the readers. Chapter 24 (Carer – Looking After Yourself) by Lisa Gratrix is really well written piece and will serve as a good guide for caregivers involved in dementia care. Chapter 41 (In Remembrance of My Parents) penned down by Vanita Kumta takes you through the emotional journey of her life’s important part. Photo Story consisting of four pages adds more value to this book.

Kudos to Sailesh Mishra and his efforts to bring out this book, especially in our country where still there is a huge void with respect to the information and awareness on dementia. It is surely bound to inspire others to help and support people with dementia and also spread awareness about it.

Ravi Shet is the Co-founder of www.treatum.com , an online healthcare portal connecting patients with right doctors. His area of interest is writing articles and doing reviews on films and food.

Posted on 7th Jan 2018 

Buy the Book at Amazon : https://www.amazon.in/dp/9385221051

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

'Remember ME- You Me and Dementia' book launched by Silver Innings

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day 10th Oct 2017, Silver Innings has launched its first exclusive one of its kind comprehensive book in India titled ‘Remember Me – You Me and Dementia’, on the non-curable brain disorder Dementia.  The book is written and complied by Mr. Sailesh Mishra, Social Gerontologist and International Maser Practitioner in Dementia care and Founder of Silver Innings Group and A1Snehanjali assisted living elder care home.

The book was released at an event at Prabodhankar Thackeray Mini Auditorium, Borivali west, Mumbai by Chief Guest Adv. Abha Singh, Eminent Lawyer and Social and Women Right Activist and Former Director of Postal Services, Maharashtra and Goa; Guest of Honour Mr. Prakash N. Borgaonkar- Director Helpage India; Prof. Dr. Charles Pinto - Eminent Geriatric Psychiatrist and Mr. Vinodbhai V. Valia – Founder, Pushpa Ma Foundation and National Award for Lifetime Achievement.

The event was attend by over 200 people including Care Givers, Senior Citizens and Members of various Social Originations. The event included a Skit on Dementia by Navnita Parmar group, Senior Citizens Dance by Sneh Kala Kendra, Musical program by  Nuts & Frets and handbook on Elder Mental Health by Dr. Ravi Samuel was distributed to all.

Prof. S Siva Raju, Deputy Director, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Hyderabad Campus says, “This book aims to increase understanding of Dementia and related disorder’s what can be done to care for, inspire and maintain the dignity of people with Dementia and their care partners, with some real life joyful and challenging stories. This book also elaborates about the disease, how to handle certain symptoms / behavior issues and important resources / helping hand around world, reference /materials”.

Hilary Lee, President Dementia Care International says, “In a country as populated as India where there are many competing needs and priorities, it is easy for those who don’t have a voice such as people with Dementia to be misunderstood and forgotten. This book brings Dementia to the forefront of awareness making what could be a challenging topic into an informative and practical resource. "Remember Me" is bound to inspire others to dedicate their lives to helping and supporting people with dementia in their own communities”.

Jane Verity, Founder- Spark of Life, Australia says, “This book includes some powerful and insightful stories and meaningful poems from caregivers of people with dementia which all adds life and genuine emotion to understanding the experience of having Dementia and caring for someone with Dementia”.

Sailesh Mishra shared that he was looking to translate his book in local languages to outreach maximum number of families dealing with Dementia. He plans to release Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati version in the near future.

The paperback 260 page edition will be available for delivery in India through Online Platform and soon Ebook will also be launched.  

About Author:  Sailesh Mishra is Social Entrepreneur and Mentor, he is the Founder of Silver Innings Group, an organization dedicated to Senior Citizens in India. Sailesh Mishra is a Renowned International Social Activist working for the welfare of Senior Citizens. His vision for an elder- and dementia friendly world has garnered support from individuals and organisations across ages in society. His belief that these silver-haired, golden-hearted people deserve to enjoy their “second childhood” with dignity, respect and care has driven Sailesh Mishra and his team of committed souls to reach out to seniors in as many ways as possible.

Website: http://www.silverinnings.in/  Email: silverinnings@gmail.com

ook on Dementia and Alzheimer's 'Remember Me - You, Me and Dementia' by Silver Innings is now available on Amazon.

This book by Silver Innings includes detailed dementia management tips, some powerful and insightful stories and meaningful poems from carers of people with dementia which all adds life and genuine emotion to understanding the experience of having dementia and caring for someone with dementia.

Paperback Edition: https://www.amazon.in/Remember-Me-You-Dementia/dp/9385221051/

Kindle Ebook Edition:

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

India’s First International ‘Spark Of Life Master Practitioners’ in Dementia Care

Two Indians last week of May 2017 were conferred the renowned ‘Spark of Life’ International Master Practitioner in Dementia Care International at Perth, Australia. Social Entrepreneur and a renowned Social Activist working for the welfare of Senior Citizens and People with Dementia, Sailesh Mishra, Founder President Silver Innings Group, has now become an International Spark of Life Master Practitioner in Dementia Care. Along with him Ms. Nilanjana Maulik (National Coordinator Working Group ARDSI) also becomes among the first Indians to become a ‘Spark of Life’ International Master Practitioner.

The Spark of Life Philosophy offers a practical and sustainable way of enriching the lives of people with dementia, their families and carers and transforming the culture of care. The focus is on How to connect, How to communicate and How to care.

The philosophy is about the quality of the connection between the carer and the person with dementia and aims at fostering kindness, compassion, empathy, respect and an attitude of unconditional love in the interactions between families or care staff and clients,’ Mishra explains.

Implementing the Spark of Life Philosophy into an organizational culture has been proven to enrich the lives of people with dementia enabling them to experience improvements in mental abilities, language, self-esteem, social interactions and emotional well-being.

‘The Spark of Life International Master Course, its magnificent holistic philosophy for Dementia Care, has not only enriched me but also empowered me about dementia care and to be better human being’, Mishra said on his return.

Incidentally, after 15 years of working in the corporate world in marketing Sailesh Mishra made a complete shift to dedicating his life to creating an Elder Friendly World where Ageing becomes a Positive and Rewarding Experience and in April 2008 Sailesh founded his organization Silver Innings to achieve just that. For his selfless in Ageing, he has been awarded Karmaveer Puraskaar National award. He has been part of National and State level prominent TV Talk show on Ageing and Dementia, he was also twice part of International Radio talk show on Dementia.

Mishra has been to Malta twice on scholarship for UN INIA 15 day’s course on Social Gerontology and International Policy and Participated in Prestigious UN OEWG on Ageing at New York. In Aug 2013 Sailesh set up Mumbai City’s first 24 x 7 Dedicated Assisted Living Elder Care Home ‘A1 Snehanjali’ in Nalasopara West and in 2016 the second home ‘A1 Snehanjali’ in Virar.

Similarly, Nilanjana Maulik has won many an accolade. She is Secretary of Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India (ARDSI) Kolkata Chapter & National Coordinator, Working Group ARDSI. She has done her Master’s Degree, Dementia Studies from The University of Stirling, and Successful Aging & End of Life Care from Stanford University School of Medicine Mini Fellowship, she is also Board Member of Commonwealth Association of Aging.

Maulik since 1999 is involved with ARDSI and is instrumental in starting Kolkata city’s first Dementia Daycare center and also runs counseling, care support, memory clinic, training for home carers, home visit, day care for dementia person, etc, and helpline. She is a strong advocate of rights and care of a person with dementia. She is also a National Award Winner and has been honoured with the ‘ARDSI: BEST DEMENTIA CARE WORKER, 2006’.

Courtesy : https://www.indiapages.in/spark-of-life-master-practitioners-dementia-care-11502.html

Invitation: World Mental Health Day: Remember ME - Book Launch Event

World Mental Health Day 2017: Book Launch Event

Silver Innings cordially invites you to launch of their maiden book ‘Remember ME - You Me and Dementia’ by Sailesh Mishra 

Chief Guest
Adv. Abha Singh
Eminent Lawyer and Social and Women Right Activist
Former Director of Postal Services, Maharashtra and Goa

Guest of Honour
Mr. Mathew Cherian - CEO of Helpage India
Prof. Dr. Charles Pinto - Eminent Geriatric Psychiatrist
Shri Vinodbhai V Valia - National Award for Lifetime Achievement

Date: Tuesday 10th October 2017
Time: 4pm
Venue: Prabodhankar Thackeray Mini Auditorium, 4th Floor, Near Chamunda Circle, Borivali west, Mumbai – 92

4pm to 5pm : Book Launch
5pm to 6.30pm:
Talk on Elder Mental Health, Skit and
Melodious Musical by Nuts & Frets

Entry with Invitation Only

RSVP Email : silverinnings@gmail.com
Mobile: 9987104233/ 9029000091 / 9323919145 (Mon to Sat 10am to 6pm)

This book aims to increase understanding of Dementia and related disorder’s what can be done to care for, inspire and maintain the dignity of people with dementia and their care partners, with some real life joyful and challenging stories, About the disease, how to handle certain symptoms / behavior issues and will have important Resources / Helping hand around world, Reference /materials.

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