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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Why grandparents are called Grandparents?

Till now, you have been reading about needs of senior citizens, Dementia & Alzheimer’s’ and the importance of volunteers for these citizens too. Now, let us move on to their role as grandparents – The most coveted & marvelous role any human would love to perform!! Just like the young grand children, grandparents too are a bubbly lot of individuals – if they enjoy to be lively & cheerful. Yes, the cheerfulness & enthusiasm of grandparents certainly matters for a robust upbringing of their grand children. Only then can a healthy, nurturing & fruitful relationship be built between these two generations.

Picture copyright Silver Innings 28th May 2016 

According to Seniorindian.com, grandparents play a pivotal role not only in loving & caring for their grandchildren but also for instilling the moral values. They should gradually build a sense of right & wrong in the minds of these young ones for a bright future. Also, the senior citizens play a very major role for an overall grooming of their young counterparts in absence of their parents. Nowadays, both mother & father work in offices for long hours. So, the grandparents really need to step in to care for & provide emotional support to their blossoming grandchildren. The grandparents are believed to be the highly guaranteed source of care & support at home. And, it is indeed heartening for the parents too that their children are growing up amidst the cozy & responsible grandparents.

Along with this, grandparents can play the role of a mediator between their children & grand children about family matters. Especially, any sensitive family matters can be responsibly dealt with by these senior members. Since, grandparents are the most experienced & adept at responsibly raising a family, they can rightfully advise their own children & grandchildren for sorting out any issues. Yet, it should be preferably, a friendly advice too to bond the three generations together against all odds.

Nowadays, though, the grandparents and their grandchildren stay far away from each other. It is really difficult for grandparents to spend time with their grandchildren who reside abroad. So, how should one deal with this? They can meet at occasional get together or exchange letters/ emails to enhance a mutual bonding.  

Yet, for those grandparents who stay with or near their grandchildren, it is easy to bond together. How? There are many effective methods of striking an intergenerational rapport. The grandparents can take their little grand kids to a park, fair, zoo, theme parks or movies. It is a new, unique way for them to relate better with these young ones. It is a sure shot way of mingling & befriending each other to cut through the generation-gap syndrome. Thus, grandparents have a huge role to build and cement the strong relationships among their family & nurture it for the grandchildren. So that the grand kids can successfully maintain such robust family ties in the future as well.

The grandparents are indeed a link to the family’s culture & heritage. Also, their blessings are a must-have & most sought after gift at festive occasions and traditional ceremonies; their presence is indeed highly wanted at auspicious events like marriage, naming ceremony, birth and marriage anniversaries etc. The elders’ blessings are highly necessary before beginning any new initiatives or deciding about important decisions.

So, now you know why grandparents are called Grandparents? Yes, you are right. Since, they play a ‘grand’ role in our life, they are called so. Thus, to sum it all up, let us watch a small video! (Click the link to watch). It has focused the importance, lovely presence & extreme responsibility of a grandparents’ role in human life.

Happy Grandparenting!

By Sneha Tipnis

About Author:
Sneha Tipnis is a Freelance Content Writer, Copywriter, Blogger for hire from India. She writes creative content for social media, direct response mails, landing pages, online marketing, websites, brochures, resumes, blogs, articles, taglines/ captions, LinkedIn profiles, press releases, e newsletters, ad copies, video scripts. Till date, she has written content about technology, social media networking, clothing & garments, Insurance, education & training, senior citizens.

She is a Bachelors in English Literature, Masters in Educational Technology – Computer applications & an MBA (Training & Development) from India.
You can connect with Sneha on her blog: https://thecopywritingzone.blogspot.in/, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Silver Innings New Website: www.silverinnings.in

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Selfless Soldier - Social Film by Hira Mehta

A film made by Hira Mehta a official entry 2 minute short film for #YESiamtheCHANGE  with support of Amritraj Esakkiappan and Drishti Mishra,  about a lone soldier, Philanthropist, Sailesh Mishra , Founder of Silver Innings and A1 Snehanjali , Mumbai city first  24 x 7 assisted living elder care home, and winner of Karamveer Award 2008 working in the field of #Dementia and #Alzheimer for many years committed to spreading the message of “loving care for elders” among the youngsters. Sailesh Mishra shares about the disease that many are unaware about and moreover have no idea where to go for help.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

माता पिता देवो भवः - मनुभाई जैस्वाल, बांद्रा, मुंबई

मां बाप के घर जब बच्चो का जन्म होता है, तो मां बाप ख़ुशी मे मिठाई बाटते है, और वही बडे होकर मां बाप को बाटते है | आज के पडे लिखे आधुनिक समाज के इस युग मे खडे हुए वृद्धा आश्रम भारतीय संस्कृती के सर पर कलंक है | वृद्धा आश्रम कोई सुखद घटना नही, यह दुखद घटना है | यह आशिर्वाद नही पर श्राप रूप है , शोभा रूप नही पर कलंक रूप है | मां-बाप से जुदा रहते बच्चो के घर मे जुता, चप्पल , झाडू रखने के लिये अलग जगह होती है लेकीन मां-बाप के लिये रहने को जगह नही | जो बच्चे मां-बाप को वृद्धा आश्रम मे बोझं समज कर छोड देते है , उन्हे समाज मे आबरू इज्जदार कहलाने का हक नही है | तुम जो तुम्हारे मां-बाप को वृद्धा आश्रम मे धकेलने का अगर सोचोगे भी तो याद रखो भविष्य मे तुम्हारी औलाद भी तुम्हे घर से बेघर करके वृद्धा आश्रम मे छोड देगी | ये मत भुलो ,कि जैसा करोगे वैसा भुग्तोगे |

Picture courtesy: http://www.shutterstock.com

बच्चे जब छोटे होते है तो मां-बाप बोलना सिखाते है , वही बच्चे बडे होकर मां-बाप को चूप रहना सिखाते है | बच्चो के सुख के लिये मर मिटने कि तय्यारी रखने वाले मां-बाप जब कोई बिमारी को लेकर बिस्तर मे दवा-दारू के इलाज के लिये तडपते होते है तब बच्चो को उनके इलाज के लिये न पैसा होता है न समय होता है | समाज मे अपने आप को आबरूदार  बताने के लिये मंदिर-मस्जिद मे जाकर चंदा लिख्वाते है , असल मे ऐसे बच्चे समाज के लिये कलंक होते है | बचपन से लेकर जवानी तक जिसने तुम्हे पाल पोस्कर बडा किया , बडे होकर तुमने उनका दिल जालाया तो समझो तुम्हारा कर्म हि तुम्हारा भाग्य जलायेगा | श्री राजा दशरथ के जमाने मे श्रवण ने मां-बाप को अपने कर्तव्य के पलने मे बिठाकर तीर्थ यात्रा करवाई थी और तुम बडे होकर मौत कि यात्रा करवाते हो |

तुम्हारे वृद्ध मां-बाप दया पात्र नही ,भक्ती पात्र है | जब तुम्हारे चार-पाच साल का बच्चा तुम्हारा प्रेम चाहता है तो क्या सत्तर या अससी साल के तुम्हारे मां-बाप तुम्हारा प्रेम नही चाहेंगे ? | जरा सोचो, समाज मे जगह-जगह व्यसनमुक्ती व अन्य प्रकार  के शिबीर आयोजन होते है लेकीन मां-बाप के रून(उपकार) मुक्ती के लिये शिबीर क्यू नही लगते ? क्युकी मां-बाप के इस कर्ज का बदला चुकाने के लिये दुनिया कि किसी भी औलाद के बस कि बात नही | जब तुम्हारे पेट मे दर्द होता है तो दर्द को तुम ९ मिनट सह नही सकते और तुम्हारी मां हस्ते हुए ९ महिने का दर्द सहती है | दुख-दर्द मे रोते हुए मां-बाप को एक कोने मे चूप होकर पडे रहो कि सलाह देते हो और मरने के बाद उनकी तस्वीर कि पूजा करते हो | कैसा दुर्भाग्य है हमारे समाज का और कैसी है ये तस्वीर , बच्चो को इन्सान बनाने मे मां-बाप को २० साल लगते है और बच्चो को उन्हे मूर्ख बनाने मे २० मिनट भी नही लगते |

मां-बाप जीवन मे २ बार रोते है जब पहली बार उनकी लडकी शादी करके घर छोडती है और दुसरी बार जब लडका मां-बाप को छोडता है | अपने कर्तव्य के रास्तो को भुले हुए बच्चो को मेरा यह संदेश है , भूतकाल कि भुलो को आज से भूल जाओ, नवे भविष्य का निर्मान करो | माता-पिता कि सेवा एव मान सम्मान करो ,उन्हे तुम्हारा प्रेम दो फिर देखो जमाने का सारा सुख तुम्हारे कदम चुमता है या नही |

  प्रार्थना : हे प्रभू आज जो तुने  मेरे जीवन मे बुरे संजोग  खडे किया है वह मेरे कल्यान के लिये है , तेरे प्रती ऐसी मेरी श्रद्धा अखंड रहे |        



As posted by his Son Ravi Jaiswalravijaiswal142@gmail.com                                

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Improving Quality of Life of People with Dementia

Meaning of quality of life differs from person to person for some it may be playing guitar for another it may be enjoying traveling to exotic locations or spending quality time in front of beach.  Social relationships, cultural values, financial conditions, physical and mental health are the different factors which defines each person’s quality of life. Despite changes and loss of abilities, people with dementia can still find happiness and experience satisfaction.

Picture courtesy: Silver innings 2015

Caregivers who take care of people with dementia should understand that they enjoy some types of activities and also like to do useful things. Caregivers should add creative, meaningful and fun-filled activities and encourage people with dementia to enjoy what they can still do. With appropriate environment, they can lead productive, happier and satisfying life and are less likely to show disturbed behaviour.

Include Fun-Filled & Meaningful Activities

The idea behind including fun-filled activities is to have fun, don’t force them to be perfect or follow complex set of rules. Do not point out mistakes or seize control of what they are doing. Support them, but do not push them. While selecting an activity, ensure that it is something they will like to do. They may enjoy painting and playing games such as Snakes & Ladders or stacking colored rings.

Person with dementia might feel insignificant and useless due to their reduced abilities as compared to their active life in the past. Explore activities that can make them feel positive and good about themselves. They may lose interest in midway while performing any task or perform the activity at slow pace. Do not except them to do it faster or push them to complete the task. The idea behind this activity is to make them feel useful and happy.

Provide a Relaxed & Safe Environment

Each person finds relaxation in different things depending on their character, likes & dislikes. Some may like listening bhajans, while some might like aromatherapy or some may like spending time with pets for their unconditional love.

Use different types of reality orientation techniques, which can help in reducing confusion among the persons with dementia about the time. Have a suitable communication so that you can understand them and they can understand you. Ensure that they should not get frustrated due to any kind of excess help or changing their daily routine. Provide them with exact amount of help they require, so that they feel capable and independent.

To conclude, people with dementia can still find happiness and experience satisfaction, if we include fun-filled & meaningful activities in their daily routine as well as strive to provide a relaxed and safe environment to them.

Ravi Shet is the writer of this article and Co-founder of www.treatum.com, an online healthcare portal connecting patients with right doctors.

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