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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Safety Tips for Senior Citizens Elder Parents

क्या आपके बुजुर्ग मां-बाप घर में अकेले रहते हैं?, तो ये वीडियो देखें और उनसे शेयर करें| Mumbai Tak - Do your Elder Parents Stay alone at home, watch this video for important tips to prevent Crime and Murder of #SeniorCitizens by Sailesh Mishra Founder Silverinnings AajTak #Mumbai

मुंबई में सीनियर सिटीजन कपल के मर्डर के बाद बुजुर्गों की सुरक्षा का मुद्दा फिर हाईलाइट हुआ है। अगर आप सीनियर सिटीजन हैं और घर में अकेले रहते हैं या आपके मां-बाप अकेले रहते हैं तो ये वीडियो जरूर देखें

#Silverinnings #AAJTAK #Mumbai

Friday, June 15, 2018

Silver Decade: Silver Innings Service to Nation

Silver Decade: Silver Innings 10 Year Service to Nation : Silver Innings is India's 1st Social Enterprise working towards creating an Elder Friendly World where Ageing becomes a Positive and Rewarding Experience. It is 1st Social Enterprise in Asia Pacific to start Social Media campaign on Ageing in April 2008. 

Silver Innings since 2008 is working towards creating an Elder Friendly World where Ageing becomes a Positive and Rewarding Experience. 1st Social Enterprise in Asia Pacific to Start Social Media on Ageing in April 2008

Mission:  To uphold and secure the rights of elderly and actively work towards improving their quality of life by networking, advocating and researching elderly issues and providing a wide range of services according to their needs.

Vision:  Our vision is of an elder friendly world in which ageing becomes a positive and rewarding experience.


Goal 1: To advocate and create awareness of elderly rights and issues at micro and macro level.

Goal 2: To address basic needs of the elderly (aged 50yrs +) and their family members.

Goal 3: To provide and create innovative programmes and services for the elderly that enable them to reintegrate back into society with dignity.

Goal 4: To promote research and development on issues related to elderly.

Goal 5: To develop and implement training of professionals and para-professionals in Gerontology, Geriatrics and Geriatric Care Management.

Group Info: 

1.Silver innings : Silver Innings(SI) 1st Social Enterprise In India (For Profit) formed to provide need based services to Senior Citizens and their family 10th April 2008

2.Silver inning Foundation : Silver Inning Foundation a registered NGO (Not for Profit), which addresses the micro and macro level issues of the elderly to create an elder friendly world 14th July 2008

3. A1Snehanjali : 1st Social Enterprise Assisted Living Elder Care Home in India ,“Transforming lives to mitigate loneliness, helplessness, and boredom”. 17th Aug 2013

4.Silver Innings Helpline : Silver Innings Helpline is a first of its kind Referral Helpline Search Portal in India, dedicated to provide comprehensive information to Senior Citizens and their family members with Ramaa Subramaniam 16th Feb 2014       

5. A1 SNEHANJALI, 2nd Home was launched at Rajodi, Nalasopara west on 1st May 2016.

6.  Silver Innings Football Club (SIFC) June 2013, 1st in World Youth Football Team of Senior Citizens Origination

7. UMANG Senior Citizens Talent show since 2008 1st in India for General Public – Non members

8. Summer Camp, 1st In India at Assisted living elder acre home since 2013

What we do :


Elder Helpline

Need base services

Advocacy &Networking

Research & Development

Training , Lectures, Workshops & Conferences

Health Camps / Memory Camps

Alzheimer's / Dementia Support Group

Talent promotion

Capacity building

Social media & Publications

Internship &  Volunteer programmes

Intergeneration Programmes

Consultancy for Old Age home , Day Care , Retirement Township and Dementia care

Assisted Living Elder Care home


Silver Innings Football Club (SIFC)

Alert for Missing Senior Citizens

Reach Out 

Indirect: 2.5 milion people

25, 15,000 plus people globally (through ICT - internet) since April 2008

Direct: approx  2,50,000 people in India since April 2008

255 Books Sold ‘Remember ME – You Me and Dementia’


National award Karamaveer Puraskar in 2008

Karmaveer Jyoti in 2016

'Mira Bhayandar Ratna'  by Rotary Club Of Mira Road Feb 2018


In 2011 NGO Silver Inning Foundation was Accredited as NGO for Open-Ended Working Group on ageing (OEWGA) at UN United Nations Programme on Ageing, New York for Second Session of the Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing 1st to 4th August 2011.

It has been featured on the much acclaimed television show Amir Khan’s SatyamevJayate episode 11 in 15th July 2012, on the subject of a Elder Care as an expert on Active Aging and as their resource partner.

Invited by UN to participate in Third Session of the prestigious ‘Open-ended Working Group on Ageing’ (OEWG) from 21 to 24 August 2012

On Dec 2013, Its founder Sailesh Mishra story ‘Son to A Million Parents’ is featured in the book Karma Kurry, a compilation of stories of Unsung Heroes by Jeroninio Almeida and Jyoti Nanda, Biographed by ShubhaKhandekar and published by Jaico Publications.

In Aug 2015 Silver Innings and A1 Snehanjali Team were important part of National Talk Show STREE SHAKTI episode no. 51 on National TV channel DD.

KBC Bollywood Super Star Amitbah Bacchan Supported Silver Innings project on National Telecast on Sony TV on 16th Oct 2017

Sep 2016 on DD Shayadri TV Talk show on Alzheimer’s

Featured on Renowned International USA base ‘Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio’ in 2011 and 2016

April – May 2017 'Spark of Life' International Master Practitioner in Dementia Care at Perth, Australia

Sep 2017 Profiled in The Better India

On 7th Oct 2017, he delivered his 1st TEDX talk at DPS Gurgaon

10th Oct 2017 – Launched our First book ‘ Remember ME – You Me and Dementia’

In Feb 2018 mentioned in Cover Front page and Cover story in prestigious Senior Citizens Magazine ‘Harmony Celebrate Age’.

April 2018 Invited to attend 1st Commonwealth Nation Elders Forum International Conference to be held on 16 – 17 April 2018 at DeVere Wokefield Estate Hotel and Conference Centre, Berkshire, UK'

March 2018 Silver Innings Football Club (SIFC) June 2013 qualified into Semi Final of MDFA 2nd Division Play off and Promoted to 1st Division for 2018- 2019


Silverinnings Group www.silverinnings.in

A1 Snehanjali  www.a1snehanjali.com

Silver Innings Helpline www.silverinningshelpline.com

: Silver Inning Foundation www.silverinningfoundation.org


Founder President – Silver Innings Group: Sailesh Mishra

Treasurer - Silver Inning Foundation: Chitranjan Sharma

Co Founder – Silver Innings Helpline : Ramaa Subramaniam

Project Director – Silver Inning Foundation – Dhanalaxmi Rao

Project Director – A1Snehanjali, Nalasopara west – Mona Mishra

Project Director – A1Snehanjali, Virar West – Renu Jain

Senior Center Manager – A1Snehanjali – Jenet Pereira

Project In charge : A1Snehanjali, Virar West – Jennifer D’mello

Helpdesk : 0091-  9987104233 / 9029000091 / 9323919145 ( Mon to Sat 11am to 5pm)

Address :Silver Innings, Bdlg: J/47-48, Shop no. 10, Opp. Navgraha Bldg, Lane behind Allahabad Bank, Poonam Sagar Complex, Mira Road East. Mumbai. Pincode  401107.

Website: www.silverinnings.in

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/silverinningsSI/

Twitter: @silverinnings

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/silverinnings/

We Thank all our Networking Partners, Supporters, Associates, Mentors, Interns, Consultant, Family Members, Friends and Senior Citizens.  

Thanks to Photomist for this wonderful film.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Unsung ChangeMakers of Dementia- a short film by Abhilasha Tiwari

डिमेंशिया / अल्ज़ाइमर - दिमाग की बैंड बज गई - क्या आपका कोई प्रियजन डिमेंशिया से ग्रस्त है ? देखिये वीरो की कहनी

Unsung ChangeMakers - a short film by Abhilasha Tiwari: Old age can be tough, dementia & Alzheimer's make it tougher but the toughest is to handle a sufferer of dementia with all the smiles.

All I knew about dementia and Alzheimer's was through movies, shows, articles etc and I thought I knew about it really well. But hey, the real scenario showed a completely different picture.

And what was more surprising was the job of the caregivers who are working with them 24*7. and you will .know in this video about the WHY.

Dedicated to all you unsung changemakers.

By Abhilasha Tiwari

Special Thanks to Staff and Family Members at A1 Snehanjali, SilverInning Foundation, Silver innings, Sailesh Mishra, Jenet Faras, Joana Tai, Rita, Jennifer

Music : https://www.bensound.com

aBHi laSHa
Published on Jun 8, 2018

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Dementia and Elder Care in India

Watch our Film and behind scene interview at Republic TV for YES FOUNDATION #YESIamTheCHANGE telecast in April 2018. 

The population of the elderly in India has been increasing in recent years, and will continue to rise in the coming decades. Their well-being is our responsibility and we must ensure that they are valued and respected as active members of the society. Hira Mehta, a 2016 YES! i am the CHANGE participant from Mumbai showcases Sailesh Mishra Founder of Silver innings and A1Snehanjali relentless work towards elderly care and Dementia in her short film Silver Innings.

Courtesy: Republic TV and Yes Foundation  

This film is for non commercial and educational purpose ONLY. 

Email: silverinnings@gmail.com 

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Role of Senior Citizens In Water Conservation And Environment Protection

On the occasion of Earth Day 2018, International Longevity Centre--India, had organised a one day workshop on " Role of Senior Citizens in Water Conservation And Environment Protection "on 25 April 18 at Paranjape Hall, IMA, Tilak Road, Pune. The workshop was attended by the award winning Senior Citizens Forum ( ज्येष्ठ नागरिक संघ )from all over Maharashtra, including Pune City. Forums from Rural as well as Urban areas like, Thane, Dombivali, Alibagh, Kolhapur, Solapur, Otur, Nerul,Aurangabad. The Aim of this workshop was to use Talent, Skill & Knowledge of Senior Citizens in spreading awareness among School, College Students as well as Slums, regarding impact of Global Warming on Climatic conditions. Col S G Dalvi,District Manager, Pune, Climate Reality Project, India, conducted the Workshop. He is also resource person for ILC--India.

Mrs Anjali Raje , Executive Director, ILC-I,welcomed all the delegates, and gave brief about the workshop.She explained need to spread awareness about extreme climatic events affecting climate and our well being.All the delegates were requested to participate in workshop & then info ILC-I about their plan of action.

Col Dalvi briefly told the delegates about The Global Warming, reasons,the role played by human beings in escalating global warming,impact on Natural resources like Air, Water, Soil etc, along with impact on climatic events like shift in Monsoon cycle, heavy rainfall, floods, rise in temperatures, hail storms,water pollution, river pollution, plastic menace,fossil fuel generated Energy for power sector in India, etc. He briefly informed all about adverse impact on Human Health, decline in Farm produce, impact on Economy especially for India, reducing Forest cover etc.He also explained about Carbon Footprint calculations & simple ways to reduce it.

In order to involve students active participation, it was decided & agreed by all that each participating forum will adopt 2 Schools/ Colleges and one Slum. Forums will connect with educational institute authorities & identify students and Staff volunteers to participate in this program. These students will carry out Water Audit, Energy Audit , Solid Waste Management & work out plans to reduce extra consumption of natural resources by adopting to different simple to do measures. They will also calculate reduction in carbon emission by adapting to new practices.

Delegates shown keen interest to participate in this program, however requested for all possible help from ILC-I & Col Dalvi. Which was accepted.

Mr Jayant Umranikar , Chairman, ILC-I in his valedictory address, stressed the need to use talent & knowledge of senior citizens to interact with students & encourage them to work on simple & doable methods to reduce wastage of Water, electrical Energy etc & help make their Institute Green model for others to follow. He informed all that ILC-I will valuate all the participating forums & institutions & suitably reward Forums, Institutes, & Students at special ILC-I function in Pune in early 2019.

With Regards
Col S G Dalvi (retd.)

District Manager (Pune)

The Climate Reality Project, India
Director, Parjanya : Rain water Harvesting Consultancy


(+91) 9860577364

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

TEDx Talks : Sailesh Mishra passionate journey towards an age-friendly society

Our society rarely looks beyond the wrinkles of the aged, to see the person behind them. As someone who gave up his job, to work with the elderly, Mr.Sailesh Mishra talks of all that we owe our senior citizens. Mr. Sailesh Mishra is a social entrepreneur and Founder of Silver Innings Group, a community dedicated to senior citizens in India. He has won several awards including, the National Award.

‘Karamaveer Puraskar’ in 2008 and ‘Karmaveer Jyoti’ in 2016. His remarkable work in the field of Dementia and Elder Rights Advocacy has brought him accolades, respect and support from many renowned organizations around the world. Mr. Mishra has represented India in the United Nations in New York at ‘Open-ended Working Group on Aging for Elder Rights.’ He has also been featured in ‘Satyamev Jayate’. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

Oct 2017 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Why Elderly Mumbai couple wants to die ? is living worthless for 100 million plus Senior Citizens in Shining India ?

Today Nation is discussing about 86 years  Narayan Lavate and his 76 years wife Iravati Lavate, Elderly Mumbai couple who seek Presidential nod for ‘active euthanasia’.

After seeing this report in Newspaper, we were shocked, surprise and felt sad about decision of the elder couple to die.

We at Silver Innings are working with Senior Citizens since 2008, but this was one of its kind case for us, never had this kind of expression of feeling.

Senior citizens in developing country like India face many challenges, due to migration new trend of nuclear family, collapsing joint family, poverty, no or nil government support, very few civil society or community program, lack of regular income and old age health issues, only add stress to elders.

We decided to help this elder couple and meet them to first understand their plight, needs and why they took this decision. We thought we could counsel them for few times and if required with other people help we could even look after them.

It took us week time to meet them, as they were ‘busy’ meeting print and electronic media telling their story to the nation. This was their good chance to express their willingness for dying. 

It was good to tell the nation about your problem and extreme step you are going to take, but is it ok to get all media attention to legitimate your right to die ?  

On 20th Jan 2018, our Social Worker Ms. Mona Mishra and Consulting  Clinical Psychologist Ms. Raheen Jummani Jaiswal, finally were able to meet Lavate couple, after visit, we felt they have taken this decision after years of thought process and they reject any help from anyone, they were clear they don't want to be burden to anyone, it's their life and they have right to decide what they want and how to live.

We spend nearly one and half hour with this couple, discussing various aspects of their life and in what way we could help them.

But sorry, they were not ready to take help.

As an organization we feel they are pointing out lack of support system for Elders in India - social, psychological, financial, health, community living etc

Euthanasia is not solution for normal people or people who face social challenges, it’s debatable, but a passive can be allowed for Terminal ill people of any age, if law of land permits.

Iam scared they might end up with suicide, government need to act soon, and take step, An empathy government officials visit might make some inroads. Police also should see that they don't end their life.

We all need to work together to SAVE their precious life.

We also need to take urgent steps for 100 million plus Elders in India, there should not be any situation where people take this kind of drastic decision.

Raheen Jummani Jaiswal , Clinical Psychologist  at Silver Innings and Founder at Open Your Arms Foundation says ‘We went with an intention to throw a different light on their decision of euthanasia.'

‘After understanding their reasons and case history, we tried several ways to help them and change their perspective. Nothing turned out to be fruitful as they are very strong and clear about their decision.' 

She adds ‘Mr. Lavate stressed two important points - What is the purpose of our life now? and
After few years if we are bed ridden who will take care of us?

The interaction with this couple and the entire conversation made me understand few things:
• We lack health care facilities and support system for the elderly especially for those who are childless
• The elderly feel isolated after a certain age as the society moves with its own pace without giving a thought on the lifes of the elders
• Our system lacks inclusion of elderly in their civic plans’

When people who have served their entire life for the benefit of others start feeling worthless... where are we heading????

Think about it!!!

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