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Thursday, July 9, 2020


Imagine not knowing who you are. Not being able to recollect and recognize your own life.
If a person starts to question his own Identity and is unable to answer the basic questions that forms the basis of who he is, not knowing his name, where he comes from and not knowing the people in his family, that in itself it a scary situation.

Courtesy https://blogs.psychcentral.com/

Dementia is a symptom that decreases the cognitive function of the brain and interferes with the daily routine of a person. But again it is a symptom, which might be due to many diseases. The most known disease which leads to dementia is Alzheimer’s disease. It contributes to 60-80% cases of dementia.

In India, forgetfulness is deemed as a part of aging and it is true to some extent. Old age comes with a general decrease in overall heath and not just loss of memory. This becomes a reason for delayed diagnosis of a disease like Alzheimer’s. There is no cure for such a disease so far but early diagnosis can be very helpful in the management of the patient and the family’s outlook towards their situation. Dementia is not just a difficult situation faced by the person suffering from it but it is also very difficult for the family as it is hard to understand how a person who was fine a while ago is now deteriorating like this. No one except the person suffering can understand what it feels like to lose a part of yourself every day and to be unable to explain it.

India is ranked 2nd in terms of people suffering from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia; with an estimated figure of 4.1 million. It is expected to double by 2035 according to The Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India.

Awareness about this issue is important as 6 in 10 people suffering from Dementia wander into the streets alone and cannot find their way back home. Depending upon the age and stage of dementia of the person, it is hard for them to remember even their own name, address or any relevant information that could help them find their way back . In India, only 1/10th of the total missing elderly folks are ever found. Even the ones who are found have a high chance of having sustained major injuries and being in a bad shape due to many factors including their own age.

If I were to have a positive outlook in this situation, then I would refer to the story of a 94 year old woman named Panchubai Tejpal Shingane who was reunited with her family in May, 2020 after 41 years. She was from Amravti district of  Maharashtra and lost her way in 1979. She couldn’t recall anything about herself. With the help of some kind people who took care of her, she was able to survive all these years and finally reunite with her family. The kind of pain and torture it would have caused to the family of Panchubai to have lost her like this is unimaginable.

My grandfather suffered from Alzheimer’s and seeing him deteriorate from a strong man to someone who could not even recognize members of his own family or recollect their names, was painful. He didn’t know who I was and confused me for his daughter. Unfortunately, in September of 2016 he wandered out of the house. Even though we took all kinds of possible precautions and yet something fell short. He went missing for 24 hours and I was not aware of this for more than 12 hours as I was not in town and my parents didn’t want me to be worried as I could do nothing. From the time that I came to know about this, the thought that crossed my mind, haunting me, was that what if I don’t get to see him again and it was heartbreaking. Those 24 hours were equally and more devastating for everyone in the family. He was found in the ER of a hospital. He had sustained major injuries including a broken hip but thankfully we found him. Few months later, he breathed his last in February, 2017. I believe the few months we got to spend with him were a blessing in disguise and I am grateful for that. It pains me to think that for one entire night nobody, in a place as busy as Delhi, noticed him or tried to help him.

I would request everyone to keep an open mind and not ignore someone in need of help. There are so many such cases in the world and we need to pay more attention towards these cases. Be kind.

Even today in India there is no centralized support system for people suffering from dementia. With such an alarming increase in these cases, such a system is highly needed along with the necessity of awareness about this disease and such situations.

As a human being, I feel it is very important to be compassionate towards the weaker sections of the society, especially the elderly in this case.

By Shivangi - Introspection: Looking Within Us

Source: http://shivangisharan.blogspot.com/2020/07/struggle-with-loss-of-memory.html?m=1

Friday, April 10, 2020

Suggestions for Corona Virus Lockdown

Coron Virus is War not only on Health front, but its long term battle on economy and social structure of the nation.

image copyright Business Today 

21 days Lockdown was right decision to stop the cycle of Corona. 

As a Nation, As a State we need together fight it, with Empathy.

There are estimated 40 crore people working in unorganized sector and millions in middle class whose life is impacted with lock-down and with any extension of lock down this impact will be severe. 

We suggest phase wise lifting of Lockdow according to each state requirement.

Following are some Suggestions for phase wise lifting of lock-down and continue our Fight with Corona in Mumbai MMR Region / Maharashtra.

Put on hold for 5 years all Mega project which have not been started or in planning stage like Bullet Train, all Statues, all Monuments etc

Do not Start Local Trains and Metros till 30th April

No Long distance Train and Air travel till 15th May

Do not start Municipal / MSRTC Bus till 30th April

Do not start travel from one District / City to another till 30th April

Do not start travel from one state to another till 30th April

Sec 144 to be continued  till 15th May

Do not start Malls, Cinema, Theaters, Airlines, amusement parks till 30th April

Do not start School and Colleges till 30th June

Do not allow Social, Religious, Political gathering till 15th May

Start Hospitals, clinics for other illness / non Covid

No vehicle to be allowed in cities / towns till 30th April except essential services and emergency

Start or Relax timing from 15th April for Electric, Hardware shops and Car workshop

Start or Relax time for Laundry  / cloth Ironing shops from 15th April

Start or Relax time for Mathadi workers for loading, unloading from 15th April

Start unfinished Road, Drainage, Electricity, Pre Monsoon and other infra work from 15th April, with all safety, precaution and physical distancing

Give Free Ration to approx 40 crore workers from unorganised sector for 6 months

Give Free Health care to all Poor, Middle class for Next 6 months

Free Corona Test and Treatment for all

Enroll NSS  volunteers for community work

Enroll NGO and Social workers for implementation work

Mask compulsory for next 6 months

Open Municipal and Grampanchayat offices for Public utility from 1st May, with restricted timing

Start Restaurant for Take away only from 15th April

Start Home delivery of all products from E commerce portal like Amazon, Flipkart etc  from 15th April pan India

Start Post and Courier services form 15th April

Build Health Care facilities and services for Corona at Colleges, Stadiums

Start Newspaper Delivery from 15th April

From 15th May start limited gathering for Social, Marriage, Religious for maximum 200 people with all precaution and social Distancing with permission from local authorities

Give subsidy for Electric, Telephone bills for 6 months to all Residential units

Provide funds, interest free loan to all business with maximum turnover of Rs. 5 crore

Give Old Age care and Orphanage special permission and special package to work and manage the facility and services irrespective of Registered or non Registered entity

Start Odd Even vehicle from 15th May

Start private offices, call center, government offices etc with 25% attendance from 15th May

Provide Protection Gear / PPE to all Health Care Professional, Municipal staff and Police

Open Corona Hospitals and Isolation space in each Taluka and Municipal Corporation

Involve all Nursing bureaus and Ward boys for duties

Provide safe place to stay and food for Health Care Professional

Close / seal all Hotspots till 15th May

Agriculture / Farming to start from 15th April

Start using Highways for Transportation of Goods

Don's charge GST and other Taxation on health care and food products and services

Start special service / task / plan for Senior Citizens, Very old, Disable, Dementia, Mental ill people

Allow manufacturing of all Pharma and Health care products and services

Allow all Call centers and other such services work from home

Involve NGO's, Social organisation, Religions organization in implementation of government plan to fight corona

Sailesh Mishra
Silver Inning Foundation

10th April 2020


Thursday, April 9, 2020

Corona Warriors HELP for Poor and Daily wage earner

WE Group - Mission Feed Hungry - Mira Bhayandar  - Updated on 31st July 2020

 The Corona virus pandemic does not differentiate according to skin colour, religion or gender. Corona affects us all. The #coronavirus has badly hit those who already have difficulties like homeless, old, sick, migrant workers, poor. 

The corona lockdown has resulted in many daily wage earners loosing out their jobs resulting them to face a difficult situation to feed the basic food to themselves and their families. 

It was this time WE, a informal group of friends planned to deliver them with 15 days of grocery / ration requirements (repeating the cycle if the lockdown continues) to people of Mira Bhayandar Municipal area only.  But we did not stopped at that, while reaching out to supply dry ration to needy, we had to meet demand of Medicine supply to Palliative care patient, Ration and Medicine for Senior Citizens, Uncooked Rice for Animal Feeders, Ration requirement of Orphanage and Safety Kits for Police and Municipal staff and Notebooks to Tribal students. 

Our WE group work and approach during Lockdown to Fight Corona has been Inclusive, in Solidarity with all members of society with no discrimination of age and gender, WE work to #LeaveNoOneBehind  

Check our Facebook Page for latest update - https://www.facebook.com/SilverInningsForHumanityFoundation/

The cost of ONE family (average 4 members) 15 days 'Grocery packet' is around Rs. 700/- which includes: 
5 kg Rice
5 kg Wheat Flour - Atta
1 kg Tur Daal
1 Ltr Oil
1 kg Salt
1 kg Sugar

You can also help us by sponsoring family/families or providing the grocery in quantity for distribution. Please do write to us at silverinnings@gmail.com

Your small contribution will feed a family, Help us to Fight Corona

Note: The entire process is in a quarantine way adhering to the rules laid by government and no mass collection or mass distribution will take place

WE Group - Mission Feed Hungry - Mira Bhayandar: 
Adv. Amreen - Lawyer - Amreen Karimi Law Firm
Ashwin Patel - Self Employed - Trustee - WE group
Sailesh Mishra - Social Worker & Entrepreneur - Founder Silver Innings
Sushma Malhotra - Social worker, Coordinator - Pink Innings
Prashob Kodapully - Health Professional - Bhaktivedanta Hospital
Amritraj Esakkiappan - Photography Professional, Trustee - Silver Innings For Humanity Foundation
Prof. Momina Sirguroh - Professor Royal College

If you wish to contribute to this noble cause, please donate to following account, please note we do not have 80G: 

Account Name: Silver innings for Humanity Foundation

Bank : Canara Bank

Account Type: Saving A/C

Account No: 2645101027082

Branch: Mira Road

IFSC: CNRB0002645

Update as on 7th July 2020 

  • Our Silver Innings through WE Group - Mission Feed Hungry - Mira Bhayandar, supported by 'Silver Innings For Humanity Foundation' has Distributed FREE 15 days Ration (Food Grains, Sanitizer, Mask, Water etc) to around 12100 plus people (including 3100 migrant workers walking on road), around 1787 Families (plus 595 Transgender) of Daily wage earners - construction workers, maids, riksha driver's, Senior citizens, Electricians, Labourer etc, Orphanage, Old Age Home and Rice to Animal Feeders. 

Read below some of our outreach initiative: 
  • While doing this we have also reach out to 'Amcha Ghar' an orphanage in Uttan Bhayanadar west with 100kg rice, 90kg Atta and biscuits.
  • We also gave 50kg rice & 10kg toor Dal bag to Kids of 'Orphanage' in Kashi Gaon area, Mira road.
  • We also gave 50kg rice & 10kg toor Dal bag to Kids of 'Orphanage' at Virar 
  • Gave 100 kg Rice was given to 'Animal Feeders.'
  • We have also helped Civil Defense Mumbai Versova Camp with Some Electric and utility items.
  • We gave Ration to 10 Families of nomad, living on footpath at S K Stone chowk at Mira Road east 
  • We also helped 2 Cancer patient with medicine, 15 days ration and dressing too.
  • We also reached out to few people with Ration and networking at Naigaon, Palghar, Boisar, Kandivali with help of Sneha Jawale, Svati Chakravarty, Dipesh Tank
  • We also gave one month Ration to 9 member Adivasi Family at Gass, Nalasopara west thanks to Jenet Faras of A1Snehanjali 
  • We distributed 100 Vada Pav and Water Bottle to Police Personnel at Mira Road area 
  • Our #SilverInnings Team as part of 'WE Group - Mission Feed Hungry - Mira Bhayandar' has gone one step ahead in not only supporting, promoting but also Giving Blood for Blood Donation camp for Corona Suffering people today 12th April 2020 at Bhaktivedanta Hospital & Research Institute Mira
  • 11th April 2020 through our 'WE Group - Mission Feed Hungry - Mira Bhayandar' we Distributed 50 Maaza mango juice to Police Personnel in Mira Road
  • Deliver One month Ration to lonely Senior Citizen at Hatkesh, Mira road as requested by her daughter in law staying in different city 
  • 15 Days Ration Distributed Distributed to Senior Citizen couple, Tea stall owner, 12 Industrial workers, Daily wage earner. 
  • We Distributed 15 days Ration to an Disable Lawyer at Borivali East.
  • 13th April 2020 through our 'WE Group - Mission Feed Hungry - Mira Bhayandar' we Distributed 50 Sosyo juice to Police Personnel in Mira Road
  • 13th April Distributed 15days Ration to 4 Senior Citizen Family
  • On 14th April coordinated to deliver Ration to Migrant workers at Vasai East.
  • 14th April our 'WE Group - Mission Feed Hungry - Mira Bhayandar' got information that 6 Daily wage labourers are stuck at Masjid Bunder, Mumbai and they have no food to eat. We got in touch with our networking Partner OYA - Open Your Arms Raheen Jummani and today they delivered 15 days Ration and will make arrangement for cooking vessels.
  • 16th April,we provided 15 days Ration to 11 Transgender at Lal Bahadur Shastri Nagar, Bhayanadar west. We also gave them Multivitamin and Chavanprash for immunity booster and Sanitizer. Thanks to Archana Tomar for refereeing and coordinating.  
  • We also gave 15 Days Ration to a House maid living at Slum at Marigold, Mira road East.
  • We received distress call from a family whose only Male was working in hotel which is closed for one month at Nalasopara west, our Silverinnings colleague Jenet Pereira took initiative and delivered One month Ration.
  • WE Group 'Mission Feed Hungry- Mira Bhayandar' today 17th April Distributed 15days Ration to 10 Families including One Disable, Cook, Construction workers and Daily wage earners at Kashi Gaon, Penkarpada, slum near Neminath building at Mira Road East.
  • 18th April arranged to Deliver 15days Ration to 4 Families from North East India (Nepal origin Indian) at Madh Island, Malad west, Mumbai. Thanks to Sushma Malhotra for making this Happen.
  • 18th April Distributed 15days Ration to 3 Families - Priest - Mira road; House Maid - Ghodbunder village; Street Vendor - Naya Nagar. Also Distributed 2 packet of 15 days Ration to desperate 8 Construction worker from Jharkhand, near J P Infra, Mira Road.
  • 19th April with our Networking through Maharashtra Civil Defense Team and Local Tehsil office we could arrange Two time cooked Food to around 595 Transgender at Ulhasnagar no. 1. Thanks to Archana Tomar for refereeing and coordinating.  
  • 20th April Distributed 15days Ration to 11 Families: Housewife - Sector 5 Mira road, AC Mechanic Bhayanadar east Phatak, Priest Pleasant Park Mira Road, Diamond daily wage worker Pleasant park Mira road, Senior Citizen Auto rickshaw driver Silver Park Mira Road, Factory worker Goddev Bhayanadar east, Two Tailors at Uttan Bhayanadar west, Senior Citizen near Deepak Hospital, Mira Road, Tea wala Mangal Nagar Mira Road.
  • 21st April our WE Group - Mission Feed Hungry - Mira Bhayandar, distributed 13 Packet of 15 days Ration to people living in Slums behind Ashley Tower, Cinemax, Mira Road (first installment for 37 families). Gave 3 packet of 15 days Ration to daily wage earners Bhayanadar west. Gave 1 packet of 15 days Ration to Temporary Employee of private company at Gokul Village, Mira Road east. Gave 1 packet of 15 days Ration to a Old widow at Mangal Nagar, Mira road East.
  • On 21st April arrange to Distribute Ration to 30 Families at Malvani through our networking Partner and Friend Salma Memon. Thanks to Archana Tomar for connecting. 
  • Helping our Police, handed pocket Sanitizer box to Sr. PI Sandip Kadam & Police Mr. B Adak of Kanakia Police station,Mira Road by 'Silver Inning For Humanity Foundation Volunteers' through our 'WE Group - Mission Feed Hungry - Mira Bhayandar' - 22nd April 2020
  • 22nd April personally Delivered one month Ration to 12 #Transgender at Laxmi Nagar, Nalasopara east. Thanks to Archan Tomar for connecting. 
  • 23rd April, our #Silverinnings through 'WE Group - Mission Feed Hungry - Mira Bhayandar' Reaching out to our Tribals, Ration Food Distribution to 30 Adivasi Families at Banderwadi Pada, Wagholi, Nalasopara west, through our networking Partner 'Sakhya - Women's Guidance Cell'.
  • 24th April Distributed 15days Ration to 10 Families living in Slum at Ashley Tower, 2 Families of daily wage earners at Penkar pada, 2 Families of hotel boys at Sai Baba Nagar and 1 Building Watchman.
  • 24th April Distributed 30 Pocket bottles of Sanitizer to Police at Various location at Mira Road.
  • 25th April our WE Group - Mission Feed Hungry - Mira Bhayandar, distributed 28 Packet of 15 days Ration to slum dwellers near Kanakia. Gave 1 packet of 15 days Ration to a alone Senior Citizen at Noopur, Mira road. Gave 1 packet of 15 days Ration to a temporary employee at Noopur, Mira road. Gave 2 packet of 15 days Ration to Teacher Families at MAHADA, Mira Road. Gave 1 packet of 15 days Ration to a Cook at Shanti Vidyanagri, Mira road. Gave 2 packet of 15days Ration to Nepali hotel employees at MTNL road, Mira road. 
  • Thanks to our #Silverinnings Networking Partner 'Sunakhari Nepali Mahila Samaj Mumbai' for supporting in Distribution of 15 Days Ration to Nepal origin Indians in Mira Bhayandar and nearby area through our 'WE Group Mission Feed Hungry Mira Bhayandar'. Thanks to Sushma Malhotra for Coordination.
  • 26th and 27th April Distributed 15days Ration to following: 8 Families of Riksha drivers at Dongri, Uttan, Bhayanadar west, 1 Family of Cook at Mira road, 5 Family of Nepal origin Indians at Mira road, We also distributed Fruits and Biscuits to 70 Children at slums near Kanakia, Mira road
  • 28th April - We handed over Bulk, Face Shield and N95 Mask to Sr. PI Sandip Kadam & Police Mr. B Adak of Kanakia Police station,Mira Road by 'Silver Innings For Humanity Foundation Volunteers' through our 'WE Group - Mission Feed Hungry - Mira Bhayandar'.
  • 29th April Distributed 15 days Ration to 36 Families of daily wage earners diamond factory workers at Mira Goan, Mira Road East. Thanks to Usha Nair ji for providing support for this Distribution.
  • 29th April we received distress message for Medicine Supply from Malad West Doctor for Autism child at Mira Road. We posted this message for help on Facebook and our good friend Amit Thanvi called me to help. He arranged his team member at Mira road to pickup medicine from Malad and Deliver it today 30th April to Mira road family. Thanks so much Amit, Ankit and Team.
  • 29th April got an appeal to deliver 15 days Ration for 15 needy people Families at Amboli Naka, Andheri West from Mira Road. Our 'WE Group - Mission Feed Hungry - Mira Bhayandar' purchased two bags of Ration through Adv. Amreen. Later we contacted our Friend and Networking Partner Dipesh Tank for pickup from Mira Road and delivery at Andheri West. In few minutes he confirmed the same and today 30th April Ration was delivered by Kunal Rane.
  • 30th April Delivered 15 days Ration to - 2 Nepali cooks at Noopor, Sheetal Nagar; 1 Senior Citizen Auto Driver at Kashi gaon and 1 old Widow family at MAHADA, Shanti Garden Mira Road.
  • Received distress call from alone living Senior Citizen Couple at Malad West, Mumbai, their children are abroad. They were in need of Ration for few days, society People were not helpful. Children being in different country could not help. We tried to help them in someway but lost 2 days. Then we connected to our Dear Good Friend Dipesh Tank and within 24 hours on 1st May Ration was delivered to the Senior Couple.  
  • Our Friend and Colleague Parul Kibliwala Informed us that at Nalasopara west, a old widow was in need of Ration, as few days there was no food to eat. On 1st May we delivered her one month Ration. Thanks to Jenet Pereira for coordination.
  • Animals are too effected by Lockdown #CoronaWarriors our 'WE Group Mission Feed Hungry Mira Bhayandar' took note of issues of street animals - Dogs and Cats. We donated 550 KG (8 bags) of uncooked Rice to Animal feeders - 5 bags at MTNL Road, Mira Road and 3 bags at Mangal Nagar, Mira Road.
  • Our 'WE Group Mission Feed Hungry Mira Bhayandar' Delivered 15 days Ration to Following on 1st May 2020: A Widow family at Bhayanadar east, near Railway Station; A flower vendor family at Godhdev, Bhayanadar east; A Senior Couple at Sector 10, Shantinagar, Mira Road East; 15 Migrant workers from Jharkhand near J P Infra, Mira road East
  • 2nd May 2020, delivered 15 days Ration to 4 families of Nepali Cook at PenkarPada and Mangal Nagar - Mira Road
  • Our Frontline Soldiers, Our Nurse who was Quarentine was helped with home Delivery of Urgent Medicine by our WE' Group Mission Feed Hungry Mira Bhayandar' on 2nd May 2020. Thanks to Prashob Kodappully of Bhaktivedanta Hospital for Coordination and thanks to Sushma Malhotra and Sailesh Mishra for Volunteering.
  • 3rd May Distributed 100 masks, sanitizers, juice bottles to MBMC workers and Police
  • 4th May, we received desperate call from a Daughter from Gwalior to provide Food to her old diabetic Parents. #SeniorCitizens, We tried many channel, but found great timely help from Friend and Counsellor Raheen JJ , within one hour Raheen arranged delicious Veg Thali delivered through Swiggy, Thanks so much Raheen. God bless you. It's 'WE Group Mission Feed Hungry Mira Bhayandar' team at work.
  • 5th May, Task was to provide daily meal to this couple, whose family is in different city, as they are unable to cook. Here comes new Angel my good friend and Trustee of our Silver Inning Foundation Rajnish Malik ... His family has undertaken task to provide 2 times cooked food to this Elders. His wife Varsha Malik cooks delicious and healthy food and they get it delivered to them at their Residence. Thanks Humans like Raheen, Rajnish, Varsha who have taken step ahead to help people in need at this Difficult time.
  • 100 Dettol soap was Distributed today 6th May 2020 to Supreme Soul Rajashram Old Age Home- Uttan, Bhayanadar west donated by HelpAge India
  • 6th May, 3 packets of dry Ration to House Maids through Police women of Mira Road Police station, Kanakia
  • 6th May distributed 41 Packet of Dry Ration to Daily wage earners at Uttan, Bhayanadar west, including 24 Widows, 10 Fisher Women, 7 Auto drivers, Street Vendor and Tailors. We had hired Tempo to go all the way to Pali village at Uttan, Bhayanadar west. Thanks to Colleague Sushma Malhotra for driving all the way with Sailesh Mishra.
  • 7th May our #Silverinnings through our 'WE Group Mission Feed Hungry Mira Bhayandar' received call for HELP by Team of Doctors working at VVMC Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation for families in need of food. We immediately contacted our Grocery supplier and Distributed 15 Packets of Dry Ration to Families of daily wage earners at Nalasopara East. Thanks to our Friend and Consultant Dr. Rajesh Chauhan and our Colleague Jenet Pereira for Coordination.
  • Thanks to #Silverinnings Networking Partner 'Sunakhari Nepali Mahila Samaj Mumbai' for supporting in Distribution of 15 Days Ration to 15 Families of Nepal origin Indians who work as Cook, Security Guard in Mira Bhayandar, Nalasopara east and Ghatkopar through our 'WE Group Mission Feed Hungry Mira Bhayandar'. Thanks to Sushma Malhotra for Coordination.
  • 7th May we Distributed 100 Dettol soap to 'Krishna Kala Trust Old Age Home' and 'Our lady of pillar Residence Old Age Home' at Mira Road. Thanks to HelpAge India for Donation.
  • 8th May gave 2 Packets of Dry Ration and One Bag of Medicine to 'Our lady of Pillar Residence' Old age home, Sidhartnagar Mira road
  • 9th May Facilitated Delivery of Ration to Street Children, A request was posted for HELP needed for an organisation working with street children - they needed to Drop 10 Ration Packet of 20kg each from Santacruz to Cotton Green for Ms. Sachi - Ashiyana Foundation.
  • क्यो की हमारा दिल भी धड़कता है ....It was call from heart, a message from Friend to Unite children with their Parents... And our soul got connected to amazing Humans, it happened that these small kids went to their relatives place at Virar east after their exams and within few days Lockdown was announced and since 40 days they could not go to parents place at Prabhadevi, Dadar.  The little one wanted to meet her mother and the parents were also emotionally disturbed without children.... Then enter the Good Friend and Corona Relief Warrior Sucheta Dalal and she posted message to pick-up children from Virar to unite with their parents at Mumbai.... Our WE Group Mission Feed Hungry Mira Bhayandar' was busy with our Ration Distribution work in Mira Bhayandar, but this message from Sucheta ji touched our heart and we began the process of bringing back the kids, and timely help was provided by none other then every helpful Sanjay Pandey Ips ji DG Civil Defence, Maharashtra State .... So we pick these 2 children from their relatives place at Virar east and Handed them over to their parents at Prabhadevi.  Thanks to our colleague Amritraj Esakkiappan who drive us all the way from Virar to Dahisar Checknaka and from Dahisar Checknaka Civil Defence Team Mr. Bhonsle took the children to their parents at Mumbai. Thanks to Mr. Bhonsle and Milind Jadhav of Civil Defence for their excellent Support all the way.
  • Distributed 15 days Ration to 35 Families at Slums near L.N. Tiwari college, Mira Road by Ashwin Patel and Team 
  • Distributed 15days Ration to 65 Families at various place at Mira Road, Nalasopara by Adv. Amreen Team 
  • 10th May 2020 Silver Innings had finished task of supply of Dry Ration for 130 Families.  Our #SilverInnings received call for Help to provide Ration to 130 Families of Migrant Workers and Daily wage earners by 'Local Residents Development Forum - Muthumariamman Mahila Mandal' at Wadala. Mr. Mahendra Harizyan - Coordinator. We struggled to find Funds as this was huge requirement but then good humans got connected, Thanks to Usha Nair and 'Silver Innings For Humanity Foundation' we mobilized Required funds. After we zero in the purchase, we started looking for Transportation of Material from Ghodbunder, Mira Road Godown to Wadala slum site. Here Maharashtra Civil Defence came into picture, they connected us to NDRF (National Disaster Response Force). NDRF and Civil Defence Team picked up the material from Mira Road and Delivered to Mhada Chawl, Kokari Agar Transit camp,Near Wadala Monorail station depot, Mumbai 400037. We successfully delivered 1450 KG Ration materials which included Total 53 Bags - Rice - 26 bags, Wheat Atta - 22 bags Tur Daal - 5. Many thanks to NDRF, Civil Defence, our Volunteers Sushma Malhotra, Ashwin Patel and Sailesh Mishra. The whole event was Coordinated by 'WE Group Mission Feed Hungry Mira Bhayandar'.
  • 11th May 2020 evening around 6pm, Silver Innings Distributed 600 packets of Biscuits and 600 Drinking water bottles to Migrant workers at Western Hotel, Western Express highway, Mira road. While working to provide to around 1200 plus Dry Ration to daily wage workers families, there was this plight of migrant workers walking thousands of miles to their home and we could not ignore it. The sight of migrant workers with little children, women, youth, old was not only sad but shook us and our colleague Sushma Malhotra suggested why don't we help them. So with little funds and little time we decided to Distribute Drinking water and Biscuits to these migrant. Thanks to Amritraj Esakkiappan Sushma Malhotra and Brett Fisher and Rakesh Radhakrishna for all the support in purchase and distribution. 
  • 11th May, WE Group started providing food packets (poori + aachar) opp. Suvi Palace Hotel, to migrant workers who are walking on western express highway towards their home town.
  • 12th May 2020, Silver Innings Distributed 2000 Water Bottles and 2000 Biscuits Packets to Migrant Workers walking thousands of miles to their village / home, near Western hotel, western express Highway, Mira road by our 'Silver Innings For Humanity Foundation' through our initiative 'WE Group Mission Feed Hungry Mira Bhayandar'. It's our small effort to give them some Support in these Difficult times. In short time and hardly with any funds we managed to do this, with timely Contribution by Silver Innings For Humanity Foundation , Amreen Ahmed and Arun kumar Saxena. Lonely in their own country, millions of Migrant Workers have taken road, walking thousands of miles to their village / their home. Lockdown has broken their home, their work, their spirit.. the fear, the panic, the pain, loss of job, worries, lack of empathy by administration, no money, no food.. all led to these workers flee their work place.... It's painful to see our very own country people suffering. Many thanks to Sushma Malhotra for wonderful ideation and thanks to Volunteers Amritraj Esakkiappan Drishti Mishra Brett Fisher, Rakesh Radhakrishna, Caine Fisher and Jigal Patel for wonderful support
  • 15th May, we helped Storage and Packaging of Robinhood Army Ration, 100 plus Packets, distributed in Slum at Mira Road on 16th May 2020
  • Our Silver Innings, small networking for humanity - to Open Your Arms #OYA. Heartfelt Gratitude to #tatatrusts for sending GOMO Dal chips (made with the goodness of lentils) for a month for our partner homes, children and girls are loving the taste and the best part is, it's super healthy. Thanks to Sailesh Mishra for connecting us to them.
  • 17th May Delivered Dry Ration packet to 21 needy families at Dahisar, Mumbai 
  • 17th May Silver Innings Facilitated Delivery of 10 Ration packet to needy at different locations in Mumbai for Ashiyana Foundation through Maharashtra Civil Defence 
  • 16th May to 17th May Silver Innings distributed Dry Ration to 45 Families of daily wage earners and migrants at Mira Road and Wadala.
  • 18th and 19th May Silver Innings gave 15 days Ration to 12 Families of Cremation center Watchman, Priests, Watchman, Daily wage earner, Shop Assistant, Peon
  • 20th May we at #SilverInnings through our project 'WE Group Mission Feed Hungry Mira Bhayandar' Distributed monthly Dry Ration to 15 Families of daily wage earners, distress families during this lockdown at Nalasopara. Thanks to Doctors of VVMC Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation and their coordinator and our friend Dr. Rajesh Chauhan.
  • 21st May, our helping hand to people in Quarantine at Mira Road. WE got an request from Bhaktivedanta Hospital to deliver Medicine and some food items to a couple at two different Quarantine centers at Mira Road and we went ahead to deliver the same. Thanks to Amrit and Prashob.
  • 21st May, Silver Innings through Civil Defence Maharashtra distributed Ration to 10 Families of Disable and Orphans at various places in Mumbai.
  • 21st May Silver Innings Provided Ration to 5 Families of Senior citizens, Daily wage earners at Mira Road and Nalasopara
  • 22nd May 2020 Silver Innings made Special Lunch at A1SNEHANJALI elder care home and Distributed Dry Ration to 8 Families of Daily wage earners including Senior citizens, Taxi Driver, Cook Factory worker, Labourer, House maid, Dog Feeder helper in memory of Smt. Manmohini Sher - Grandmother (Nani) of Rishi Razdan. Thanks to Rishi for Support.
  • 23rd May While distributing Ration to daily wage earners and needy, Silver Innings got an request by our friend and Social worker Salma Memon that an 75 year woman at Malvani, Malad west needs Walker after her Hip Surgery. And that's an opportunity that makes us Happy to Help our Elder, we bought New High quality light weight Alluminium Walker at Mira Road and Gifted it to Senior Citizen Woman. Thanks to Sajid Bukhari bhai for traveling to Mira Road and delivering at house of elder at Malvani, Malad West. God bless Salma for being so sensitive towards our Elders.
  • 23rd May Silver Innings delivered daily essential requirement of a Disable Senior citizens family at Mira Road. Thanks to Prof. Avkash Jadhav and Kaash Foundation for giving us this opportunity. 
  • Silver Innings Got an call from woman who was crying for help and we immediately Delivered Ration to her at Mira Road. She has Daughter, husband no job for 3 months.
  • 26th May Silver Innings happy to Distribute a set of Safety Kit to Sakhya Women's Guidance Cell, Nalasopara west, leading agency in Palghar District working for Women right.  The safety kit consists of number of - Face Shields, N95 Masks, Gloves, Cloth Masks, Sanitizer and Disinfectant. Thanks to Sister Shaila Crasto for giving us the opportunity.
  • 25th May Silver Innings Eid Mubarak special - Distributed Dry Ration kit to 3 Families of young employed girls at Nalasopara west, who have no money for last 2 months and there is no guarantee of job in future. Thanks to OYA and Friend Raheen for giving us this opportunity.
  • 25th May Silver Innings Distributed Ten N95 Mask to Kanakia Police station, Mira Road.
  • 26th May Silver Innings distributed dry Ration to 5 Families of Daily wage earners and Senior Citizen at Mira Road.
  • Help for Senior Citizen Couple on Footpath- 26th May late night at 11pm, our Silver Innings received a WhatsApp forward video of Old Couple at Mira Road station by friend Soumya Banerjee . On 27th May Morning and twice in afternoon we spoke to the old lady, trying to figure out how to help them, she was rude and not very cooperative, but somehow manage to convince her to meet and as decided we met her at Mira Road Railway Station at 9pm as she wanted to meet at same place where she has been found. As per discussion we found out, that the couple are English speaking, looks from middle class literate family, were living at rented house at Fort, Mumbai, the said place was in very bad shape so they came to Mira Road 2/3 months ago and staying again in not so good place, flat in bad shape of some distant relative at Raval Nagar, Mira Road east. They are looking for Free and Decent place to stay / old age home, with good food. Does anyone knows any such place near Mumbai ? When we went to meet her, we also found Imran the person who made her viral video and asked for help, and our networking Partner WE Group - Ashwin Patel allready present there and were having conversation with the old couple. At last it was decided that Ashwin will make arrangement for their meals for few months or till the time they are here, also we will try to look if they want some help in their flat of relative, where they are currently put up. We will also in mean time find Elder Home for them. We need to explore their mental and physical health too after building rapport. On 27th night we gave them Dry Snack packet that will last one month. Thanks to my colleague Sushma Malhotra for being there and helping in tracking the couple late night. 
  • 28th May- Some days ago our Silver Innings, received  call from dear friend and colleague Hira Mehta ji for help for Ration to her friend Rajkumar Yadav school families. On 26th May we arranged Ration consisting of Rice, Atta, Tur Daal, Sugar, Salt, Cooking Oil and sent it on 27th May for Distribution 26 Dry Ration kit to Families of underprivileged, through Rajkumar Yadav's family school for lower strata 'Aditya Academy High School, Aarey Colony, Goregaon East. On 28th May Rajkumar Yadav Distributed Ration kits to families. Thanks to another friend Vijaylaxmi Amin who helped to find Transport and Thanks to JFK Transport - Jeehan Kotwal for giving us Free Transport. Thanks to Colleague Sushma Malhotra for Support in procurement of Ration and Packaging.
  • 29th May Dry Ration was distributed to 35 families of daily wage earners at different location at Mira Road by Adv. Amreen and Prof. Momina Sirguroh 
  • 30th May gave Dry Ration to 5 Families of Taxi Driver, Mental disable, Cook, House Maid at Mira Road.
  • May 31st our #PinkInnings distributed Dry Ration to 10 Families of Nepalese origin Indians, private company employees at Bhayandar east and Mira Road. Thanks to Sushma Malhotra for contribution.
  • 31st May distributed 45 Dry Ration to daily wage earners by Ashvin Patel and Prashob Kodapully at various locations in Mira Bhayandar and Dahisar. 
  • 1st June 2020 Silver innings Distributed Ration to 7 Families of Daily wage earners and Nepalese Indian at Mira Bhayanadar area. Thanks to #PinkInnings and Sushma Malhotra for Coordination. Thanks to friend Deep Ranjani Rai for Support.
  • 12th June 2020 Silver Innings distributed One Month Dry Ration to 12 Families of daily wage earners, Cooks, Tailors, Housemaids, Construction workers in Mira Road and Old Age Home with Medicines.
  • 13th June Silver Innings distributed 4 dry Ration kit to Families of house maid and daily wage earners at Bhayanadar east.
  • 19th June we Distributed 5 Dry Ration kits to maids at Mira Road, who could not go to work since Lockdown. 
  • 24th June we Distributed 7 Dry Ration kits to daily wage earners who could not go to work since Lockdown at Nalasopara west. At #Silverinnings we started the Ration Distribution on 20th March 2020, it has been more then 90 days now.... We continued our support for daily wage earners, migrant workers, Senior citizens etc.Thanks Jenet for Coordination and Darshan of Rotaract club of Hinduja college for connecting.
  • 6th July 2020, we Distributed 100  "kawach" Mask (manufactured by an IIT Delhi incubated startup called ETEX), to Municipal Sanitation workers of Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation VVMC, thanks to support by Moneylife India Sucheta Dalal ji.It's our duty to help people who look after our city. #Silverinnings working for inclusive Community.
  • 7th July 2020 We at #Silverinnings helped a needy Senior Citizen family at rural Maharashtra at Raigad Taluka with 3 months Dry Ration 
  • 14th July 2020, Provided and arranged for Fruits, Cooked food, Medicine etc for next 5 to 7 days to family which is in Institutional Quarentine, as their one of their family member was tested Positive.
  • 15th July, Silver innings have reached to rural India, through our Care Partners Yogesh we have distributed 50 'KAWACH' Mask made by the IIT Delhi startup, to villagers of all age group at Kunj, a small Village in Vikramgad Taluka in Thane District of Maharashtra State. Thanks to Moneylife Foundation and Sucheta Dalal ji for support and our Senior Centre Manager Jenet Pereira for Coordination
  • 16th July distributed dry Ration to 3 Families of daily wage earners at Bhayandar east
  • 20th July distributed dry Ration kit to 10 Families of daily wage earners at Chowk, Uttan Bhayanadar west. Thanks to Market Place for Support.
  • July 21st we at Silver Innings have made contribution of Rs. 11,000/- for providing Notebooks to tribal children at Mokhada. This is our unconditional Support for our children through Diganta Swaraj Foundation 
  • 21st July distributed dry Ration kit to 4 needy Families at Nalasopara west. Thanks to our Senior Centre Manager Jenet Pereira for coordinating.
  •  22nd July we at #Silverinnings distributed dry Ration kit to 4 needy Families at Mira Bhayanadar.
  • 25th July distributed 4 dry Ration kit to daily wage earners and Handicap family at Mira Road
  • 26th July distributed 6 dry Ration kit to daily wage earners including 2 Senior citizens family of Dharavi, Mahim
  • 29th July distributed 10 dry Ration kit to daily wage earners at Nalasopara.

Media News about our Initiative:

  • Featured on Nation TV Channel 'Mirror Now' 
#InspireIndia | Sailesh Mishra and his WE Group Mira Bhayanadar- started Mission Help Hungry to ensure that daily wagers, migrant workers & the worst affected do not go hungry. He, along with his team, also delivers medicines to the doorsteps of those in need

  • Navbharat Times - 24th march 2020 : 
Our Act for Humanity to Fight against #Corona
is appreciated by Media - leading Hindi newspaper Navbharat Times - Hindi News Paper

  • Times of India - 26th March 2020 
WE group effort mentioned:
Lockdown brings Mumbai’s ‘love-all spirit’ to the fore

Indian Express 28th March 2020 - Highlighting Issues of Senior Citizens 

  •  International Institute on Ageing, United Nations - Malta - INIA : Sharing of Best Practices around World - Responsibility & Solidarity in the age of COVID-19 - Our 'WE group - Mission Feed Hungry - Mira Bhayandar' has been Mentioned in UN INIA International journal International Institute on Ageing, United Nations - Malta - INIA https://mailchi.mp/e02ed01acc0f/sharing-of-best-practice-2910249 

  • Our WE Group - Mission Feed Hungry - Mira Bhayandar' work was shown on  

https://www.instagram.com/tv/B_fG4Vnn3Zh/?igshid=8kzl0bxcd133  : 
I hope this video embedded a sense of how critical the situation is but still we can tackle it with Inspiration and Support. So spread the word and let others know it too♥️

United Nations recognizes your work - Our WE Group 'Mission Feed Hungry Mira Bhayandar' has been mentioned in 'United Nations Policy  Brief The  Impact  of  COVID-19 on Older  persons' MAY 2020 under heading SOLIDARITY AND COMMUNITY SUPPORT IN ACTION https://www.un.org/sites/un2.un.org/files/un_policy_brief_on_covid-19_and_older_persons_1_may_2020.pdf

Our work has been mention in prestigious Hindustan Times 15th May 2020 'Journey of migrants from Maharashtra not easy' 

11th May 2020 - our work has been recognized by National Media agency - C2C News - Team #SevakNo1 https://t.co/RWZtI45nN5

26th June 2020 in चतुरंग weekend supplement of prestigious Marathi Newspaper Loksatta our work regarding #SeniorCitizens Helpline during Covid Lock-down mentioned 

July 3 we helped Actor Rajshri Deshpande helps 72-yr-old homeless man get shelter at Old age home, our effort was mentioned in Mumbai Mirror News paper  

Read more at: https://mumbaimirror.indiatimes.com/coronavirus/news/actor-helps-72-yr-old-homeless-man-get-shelter-at-old-age-home/articleshow/76760831.cms?fbclid=IwAR0Q5YmsqRenTNQsFcQsYJR_GMMuZpOd-7uvzmTop8puGSa0QFYDymzEHQU?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst

13th July we were profiled at Mission Josh : Sailesh Mishra: Silver Innings, yet another hero from our #LockdownSuperheroes. Sailesh and his team, We group - Mission feed hungry fed more than 9000 people including families, transgenders and migrant workers. They have looked after senior citizens, domestic helps, drivers and workers by providing them with rations. #ICICILombard #NibhayeVaade #MissionJOSH ICICI Lombard

We Thank our Donors, Well-wishers, Volunteers and Supporters including Journalist Amit Tiwari MBMC Commissioner Chandrakant Dange ji and Local Police.

We will continue our humanitarian work till we can.

#StayHome #StaySafe #CoronaWarriors #IndiaFightsCorona #InspireIndia #Silverinnings #Mumbai #India #Corona #CoronaVirus  #SeniorCitizens #LeaveNoOneBehind 

Updated on 31st July 2020

How to Help Senior citizens during Lock-down for Corona Virus ?

How you can Help #Seniorcitizens during Lockdown for Corona Virus ? 

A guide by #Silverinnings for Pan India

Senior citizens 60 plus are vulnerable to viral attack due to low immunity and underline Health condition like Diabetes, Cardiac, Vascular etc, due to this they will be homebound.

Senior citizens might not be in condition to move out or have mobility issues.

So we as responsible citizens, as Community can come together and give helping hand to our Elders.

Following are some ways you can help Senior citizens:

No need to think big

Form small local groups, in your housing society or locality / community of like minded people

Find out Where are these Senior staying ? Are they with family or alone ?

Try to find out what they need - cooked food, ration, finance, medicines, drinking water, health checkup, utility services like paying bills, banking, counseling, sanitizer, mask, house help, plumbing, electrician, Internet, email, spiritual, entertainment, recreation, communication, tax payment, repair, companion, help for pet etc

Some might just need a phone call sometime, someone to chat with

Divide responsibility / task among your group members

Arrange for resources like money, team members, grocery shop, vehicle etc

When you go and visit any Senior do remember you wear protective gear for Corona like Mask, gloves, sanitizer

They might get bored up staying home - for this evolve some meaningful activities - learning new skills, reading, music, yoga, fitness etc

Try to give a ID or badge to each of your member - for security reason

After providing the required service, do a follow up visit, if they are happy or if they need something more

Keep record of your Team members and Seniors you have enrolled

You may also contact a local NGO for more outreach or help

You may contact your housing society committee and Senior citizens association in your area

It will be good to take help from government authorities like Municipal corporation and Police

Your small act of kindness will save our elders, and will add Life to their years.

One day we all will grow old.

Let's together fight and defeat Corona.

Let's spread love for humanity .

For more information write to silverinnings@gmail.com

Please do share if you feel so


Published on Social Media on 22nd March 2020 

Thursday, December 5, 2019

The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens (Amendment) Bill, 2019 approved by Cabinet

Image result for The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens (Amendment) Bill, 2019

The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens (Amendment) Bill, 2019 has been approved by Indian government Cabinet on 4th Dec 2019, it provides basic needs, safety and security to senior citizens.

SILVER INNINGS CLARIFICATION: To all our Friends, Senior Citizens, Family members, NGO's, Media, Activist and others, The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens (Amendment) Bill, 2019, is NOT ONLY ABOUT MAINTENANCE.

First we Thank Government of India CABINET for taking this important step.

Helpage India, Tata Trust, AISCCON, Silver Inning Foundation, Moneylife Foundation and other organisations had given suggestions and lobbied for amendment to 2007 act.

Please note the new amendment needs to be PASSED in Parliament,yesterday 4th Dec 2019 decision is only Cabinet decision.

There are many important aspect to this Bill, which is first time or more important as following:

“(i) Definition of ‘children’ and ‘parents’ has been expanded. Expanding the definition of children, which currently refers to only biological children and grandchildren, to include daughter-in-law and son-in-law, and also adopted and/or stepchildren.

(ii) Definition of ‘maintenance’ and ‘welfare’ has been expanded. Definition of maintenance beyond merely the provision of food, clothing, housing, and healthcare, and to include “safety and security” of the parent.

(iii) Mode of submission of application for maintenance has been enlarged.

(iv) Ceiling of Rs 10,000/- as maintenance amount has been removed.

(v) Preference to dispose of applications of senior citizens, above eighty years of age, early has been included.

(vi) Registration of Senior Citizens Care Homes/Homecare Service Agencies etc. have been included.

(vii) Minimum standards for senior citizen care homes has been included in the Bill.

(viii) Appointment of Nodal Police Officers for Senior Citizens in every Police Station and District level Special Police Unit for Senior Citizens has been included.

(ix) Maintenance of Helpline for senior citizens has been included.”

One request please wait for final bill after its passed ion parliament.



Sailesh Mishra

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Missing Senior Citizens - NCRB Report 2017

Shocking Report of Missing Senior Citizens by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) 2017, released in Oct 2019 . 

There has been growing incident of Senior Citizens Missing in last many years, Seniors either leave their home on their own, they get lost in crowded or unfamiliar places or get lost due to Dementia /  Alzheimer - in this case they forget / unable to recall their names, relatives, address etc.

Its extremely difficult to trace Missing Senior Citizens due to lack of proper tracking system and also due to apathy from all stakeholders. 

Organisation like Silver Innings - through their Facebook page and Blog 'Missing Senior Citizens Alert' and 'WhatsApp group' and HelpAge India are doing remarkable work in Finding Missing Senior Citizens, government effort is very less, government effort in missing children and women is more. 

National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) 2017 Missing report as per TABLE 15.3, Missing and Traced Persons (Gender & Age-wise) - 2017, highlights the concern.

It is found that Male Senior Citizens are more in numbers in list of getting Missing then Female Senior Citizens, but tracing Female Senior Citizens percentage is higher then Male.  

We need to protect our Elders getting lost and also need to device national tracking program. Families also need to take extra care and Police needs to be sensitized. 

Following are details of above report by Government agency - NCRB 2017.

Total Senior Citizens Missing (60plus) 
Un recovered Persons of Previous years - 20272
Persons Missing during 2017 - 12805
Total Missing -  33077

Persons Traced : 
from Previous years Missing -  6392
from Missing Persons - 2017 - 7028
Total Traced -  13420
% of Persons Traced - 40.6

Person Untraced : 
from Previous years Missing - 13880
from Missing Persons - 2017 - 5777
Total unTraced  - 19657
% of Persons unTraced - 59.4

60 Yrs & Above - (Male Sr. Citizen) 
Un recovered Persons of Previous years - 13,893
Persons Missing during 2017 - 8802
Total Missing - 22,695 

Male Senior Citizen Traced: 
from Previous years Missing - 4302
from Missing Persons - 2017 - 4689
Total Traced - 8991 
% of Persons Traced - 39.6

Male Senior Citizen Untraced 
from Previous years Missing - 9591
from Missing Persons - 2017 - 4113
Total unTraced  - 13704
% of Persons unTraced - 60.4

60 Yrs & Above (Female Sr. Citizen)

Un recovered Persons of Previous years - 6379
Persons Missing during 2017 - 3985
Total Missing -  10364

Female Senior Citizen Traced: 
from Previous years Missing - 2090
from Missing Persons - 2017 - 2326
Total Traced -  4416
% of Persons Traced - 42.6

Female Senior Citizen Untraced :
from Previous years Missing - 4289
from Missing Persons - 2017 - 1659
Total unTraced  - 5948
% of Persons unTraced - 57.4

This Report is made by SILVER INNING FOUNDATION - 26th Oct 2019

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Budget 2019: Senior Citizens expectation

The citizens, who have crossed the age of 60 years are described variously as ‘senior citizens’, ‘elderly’ and ‘aged’. The population of this segment has increased steadily since 1950. The Census of India 2001 enumerated approximately 7.6 crore senior citizens in India, which has increased to 10.4 crore in 2011. As per the report of UNFPA , this number is expected to grow to 17.3 crore by 2025 and about 24 crore by 2050.

The population share of senior citizens will increase from 8 percent in 2015 to 19 percent in 2050 and it is expected that by the end of the century, senior citizens will constitute nearly 34 percent of the total population of the country. This ageing phenomenon is all set to replace the ‘youth bulge’ that India is currently experiencing with an ‘aging society’.

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) 2017 observed that “the relatively young India of today will turn into a rapidly ageing society in coming decades.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi says "Today, if we are able to work so rapidly to create a new India, it is because of the foundation our senior citizens laid. The value and wisdom of our senior citizens
are important for us. We have given top most focus for dignity, financial security and well-being of our senior citizens". 

Our Senior Citizens have expectation for our current NAMO 2.0 / NDA Government, we have this June 2019 government will accept our following demand:  

Exempt 18% GST on Residential or Non Residential Elder and Disable Care Service : 18% GST for Elder CARE services & accommodation under heading no. 9993, GST Service Code 99932, GST code 999321, GST service no. 999322. In old age and for person with disability; health care, shelter and related services are great support not only for the person but also for the families. Request to please HELP 105 million Senior Citizens and their families by exempting on above GST.

Increase Full Tax rebate for all Senior Citizens upto Rs. 8 Lakh and for 80plus upto Rs. 10 lakh

Increase Interest rates on 'Senior Citizens Savings Scheme 2004'

Increase NSAP Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme (IGNOAPS) from Rs. 200/- to Rs. 3000/- for all BPL Senior Citizens

Start Universal Pension of Rs. 3000/- for all 80 plus

NO TDS for Senior citizens for earning upto Rs. 10 Lakh.

Comprehensive dedicated Health Insurance : 
The cost of the health care during old age appears to be very high and this in turn increases the out of pocket expenditure on health care particularly when private facilities are availed of. When older persons are economically dependent, increasing health expenditure adds to the economic burden on the family. Request to have dedicated Health Insurance for all 60 plus and tax subsidy increase for children who are looking after their sick old parents or grandparents.

Increase in IT Deduction for medical expenditure: 
As there high rise in medical and heath care cost in old age, we request Increase the limit of deduction for medical expenditure in respect of certain critical illness to 3 lakh in respect of all senior citizens, under section 80DDB.

Senior Citizens Welfare Fund : In pursuance of the announcement made in the Budget Speech of Finance Minister – 2015-16, a Senior Citizens' Welfare Fund was established in March 2016. The fund consists of the unclaimed amounts transferred by government institutions holding such
funds. We need government input on this, what has happened to this fund and where its being utilized and from where resources are being sourced.

Introduce mandatory 10% spending for companies, exclusive for 60plus welfare for all CSR program

Give 10 year Tax Holiday for all Startup new or existing working exclusive for Senior Citizens

Give Tax rebate to children who are looking after their depended 60 plus parents

Sailesh Mishra
Founder President - Silver Innings Group 

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