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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Register for UMANG, A Talent show for 50+ Senior Citizens

World Elder’s Day 2010: UMANG, A Talent show for Senior Citizens

"Ageing is not 'lost youth' but a new stage of opportunity and strength"

Silver Inning Foundation, an dedicated organisation for Elders, celebrates its 3rd World Elders Day ' 2010 by presenting UMANG, A Senior Citizens Stage Talent Show on 3rd Oct 2010 .

On the occasion of World Elders Day on 1st October 2010, Silver Inning Foundation once again organizes UMANG - A Stage Talent Show program for Senior Citizens. As there are not enough opportunity for elderly to show their talent ,the main purpose of this program is to provide a platform for Elderly to display their talents. This is not a competition between Elderly but a forum to encourage them to demonstrate their hidden talent. After success of UMANG in 2008 & 2009 we are happy to once again organise and promote stage talent of our Elderly.

Over the time our changing tradition has dampened the spirits of senior citizens by suggesting that they can no longer contribute to society and benefit from being active. But we don’t have to accept this reasoning for our elderly parents, friends, or neighbours. We can help them maximize their health and vitality by keeping them active and involved in the world around them.

So we request all those Talented Seniors who are above 50 yrs to enroll for the Talent Show. This is not an competition but a Show to reveal your talent. All the Participation will get Certificate of Appreciation. There are No Prizes.

All selected Artist/performer will be reimbursed with actual To and Fro Travel expense of city bus or train within city of Mumbai MMRDA region.

This programme is part of Joy of Giving Week 2010 event.

Talent Show by Elderly

Age limit for participant:
50 yrs +

Types of Performance eligible for Entries:
One act Play
Music performance – Solo or in group of Maximum 4 people
Dance – Solo
Group Dance - in group of Maximum 4 people
Street Play – Maximum 4 people
Drama - maximum with 4 people
Street Play - maximum with 4 people
Original Poetry reciting
Any special talent

Max entry allowed:
A person or a group can have only one act.
Total 20 entries will be accepted. That means there will be total of 15 act only.

Duration for each act:
Maximum 8 Minutes

Last Date for Entries/Registration: 27th Sep 2010

Auditorium, Bhaktivedanta Hospital, Mira Road East,Mumbai

Event Date:
Sun 3rd Oct 2010

Entry fees for Artist:
Rs.10/- for Artist only each act for solo or group

Entry for Public: Free

Time of Event:
3pm to 6 pm

Total Seating capacity:
Approx 125 First come first basis – Its Free

Contact here to Participate:
9987104233 – Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm
Email: silverinnings@gmail.com

Give your Full Name, Area where you reside, info about your Act and contact number.

So Hurry and enroll to show your talent.

Pls note in case of more then 20 entries, the selection committee of Silver Inning Foundation will have all the rights to select Best 20 for performance. The selection committee will have final say on selection.


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