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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crime against Senior Citizens on rise, my heart bleeds………….

Its happening nearly every morning, it’s very shocking and sad to read Elderly being murdered and robbed in our daily newspaper!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All over the country especially in metro cities the cases of crime and abuse against Senior Citizens is on rise. Fraud and violence against the elderly is on rise in crime graph. In Mumbai at least 10 Senior Citizens have been murdered from Jan 2009 to July 2009.

Senior citizens increasingly are being victimized by desperate people looking for soft targets.

It was believed and found that when seniors suffer physical, emotional and financial abuse, it's usually at the hands of relative or caregivers. But there is sharp rise in recent times in violence and financial fraud against the elderly by strangers and others who won their trust.

I think it’s about changing globalization and urbanization leading to change in lifestyle, unemployment and easy money concept. People are getting desperate for money. It's amazing and scary that Elderly are easy target.

Where is our tradition culture gone? Where we used to care, respect and loved our elderly. Now we are leaving our parents and elderly at mercy of our neighbors and professional caretakers or many times all alone.

We look at Law enforcement agency and government to look after our parents, who gave birth to us and who made us what we are today, is this society what we want????????

We forget our role, we forget role of civil society to be guardian to our elders, women’s, disabled and children’s. We all are equally responsible for all what is happening today from Elder Abuse, Global warming, Sexual exploitation, Communal disharmony….

My heart bleeds when Elders are abused, my heart cries when I hear the story of abandon and lonely parents. But I can’t sit quiet and let things happen, I will raise my voice in every forum, I will fight for Senior Citizens, I will continue my journey to serve Elderly in what ever way I can.

Lets join Hands to HELP and support the most ignored and neglected segment, the Elderly. Let’s empower them, let’s stand with them in their fight for their basic human right. Lets give them Safety and Dignity, lets add life to their years……….

What can be done by Civil Society and Government?

  1. All NGO/ organisation should come together and devise plan
  2. Police/ Government should meet representation of all the NGO /organisation working with Elderly
  3. Compulsory registration of elderly with local NGO/Police
  4. A HOTLINE with local police station, where a phone if put on hold for more then 20 seconds connects to local Police Station/HELPLINE
  5. Safety measures/gadgets should be promoted
  6. Youngsters should be involved , intergenerational programme should be encouraged
  7. Neighborhood watch concept should be promoted
  8. NSS/NCC/Scout/Guide to be involved
  9. Mass Awareness campaign
  10. Compulsory registration of service providers
  11. Effective Elder Law
  12. More Police and Senior Citizens meeting for Confidence building
  13. 4 Digit HELPLINE should be run by NGO with help of Police
  14. Nodal officers in each Police Station/Zone/Taluka/ District
  15. Fast Track court for Senior Citizens
  16. Sensitisation programme for Elderly and Civil Society
  17. More active participation programmes for Elderly
  18. More Day care /activity centers for Elderly
  19. Compulsory registration of people working at homes
  20. Education programme to stop scam and fraud
  21. Dos and Don’ts for seniors in local language
  22. National Commission for Senior Citizens
  23. Special Ministry for Senior Citizens
  24. Implementation of National Policy for Older Person(NPOP)
  25. Implementation of Senior Citizens Maintenance Act 2007

What can be done by Senior Citizens?

Majority of the offences against senior citizens are committed by the persons that are known to the victims, viz. servants, watchmen, relatives, vendors etc. .Such persons are generally not on police record. Information about servants is generally not provided to Police for the fear of losing household hands/servants.

DO'S AND DON'TS for Senior Citizens (some tips taken from Maharashtra Police website)

  1. Employ a servant after verifying his antecedents with the help of the nearest Police Station
  2. Do not give out information over the phone or email , especially bank account or credit card information
  3. Always carry an Identity Card with you
  4. Never discuss financial matters in front of servants/strangers
  5. Never open your cupboards/purse in front of servants/strangers
  6. Deposit your valuables in safe deposit vault of any Bank
  7. Treat your servants well
  8. Normally, do not encourage relatives or friends of your servant to visit your house. If at all he/she has any frequent visitors, get their antecedents checked from police.
  9. If you are staying alone, please inform your neighbors and also to the Secretary of your Housing Society
  10. Use of modern security gadgets like door alarm, electronic-eye bell etc is always advantageous. Consult professionals for installing such gadgets
  11. Join a NGO or Social Organisation
  12. Develop hobby and learn skill
  13. Take care of other Elderly
  14. Install a peephole and safety latch in the entrance door of your house and allow access only to the known and identified persons.
  15. Install double door system. It is always safer to deal with strangers without opening the main door or deal with them only after informing the neighbors or the security.
  16. Never leave spare keys or even the original keys in the open or in the conventional hiding places
  17. Verify the identity of any repairman, salesman etc and allow them access only after informing the security
  18. When you admit a workman or a salesman, do not leave him alone at any time
  19. You will be safest in bright, well lit and busy areas
  20. Stay alert to the surroundings while jogging or walking. Avoid using ear phones etc. at such times
  21. Keep emergency medicines and family doctor's numbers or emergency medical services (EMS)/HELPLINE numbers at hand

Love, Care and Respect Elderly

By Sailesh Mishra

Founder President,Silver Inning Foundation



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We need too come together and protect our seniors from crime and abuse.

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yes we need to come together to take quick action against this ...

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