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Thursday, July 30, 2009

First review and appraisal of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing, 2002

The Commission for Social Development,

Recalling the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing,
,adopted by the Second World Assembly on Ageing, held in
Madrid from 8 to 12 April 2002, and bearing in mind that continuing
the systematic review of its implementation by Member States is
essential for its success in improving the quality of life of older

Taking note of the report by the Secretary-General entitled
“Further implementation of the Madrid International Plan of Action on
Ageing: strategic implementation framework”,2 which was based on
the results of the global first review and appraisal of the Madrid Plan
of Action that involved inputs from Member States and the United
Nations system, with the participation of civil society actors,

the need to incorporate gender perspective in all
measures concerning older persons,

Recognizing the important role of various intergovernmental
organizations that deal with training, capacity-building, policy design
and monitoring at the national and regional levels, in order to promote
and facilitate the implementation of the Madrid Plan of Action,

1. Calls upon Member States to continue their efforts in the
implementation of the Madrid Plan of International Action on Ageing,
2002,19 through, inter alia, national strategies and policies, improving
data collection and sharing ideas, information and good practices,
bearing in mind the report of the Secretary-General containing the
strategic framework for future implementation of the Madrid Plan20
and the Guide to the National Implementation of the Madrid
International Plan of Action on Ageing prepared by the Department of
Economic and Social Affairs of the Secretariat, which is intended to
assist Member States in focusing on the implementation of the Madrid
Plan of Action;

2. Invites Member States to determine their priorities for the
coming years by, inter alia, building on those areas in which they had
achieved success during the review and appraisal process, while paying
special attention to areas where shortcomings had been identified, with
a view to improving policy development;

3. Encourages Member States to continue their efforts to
mainstream the concerns of older persons into their policy agendas,
bearing in mind the crucial importance of family intergenerational
interdependence, solidarity and reciprocity for social development and
the realization of all human rights for older persons, and to prevent age
discrimination and to provide social integration;

4. Urges Member States to consider including in their national
strategies, inter alia, policy implementation approaches, such as
empowerment and participation, awareness-raising and capacity
development, and such essential policy implementation tools as
evidence-based policymaking, mainstreaming and participatory
approaches and suggested indicators, as presented in the report of the

5. Calls upon Member States to adopt appropriate measures,
including, if necessary, legislative measures to promote and protect the
rights of older persons and measures aimed at providing economic
security and health care, while mainstreaming a gender perspective,
full participation of older persons in the decision-making process
affecting their lives and ageing with dignity;

6. Calls upon Member States to take concrete measures to
further protect and assist older persons in emergency situations, in
accordance with the Madrid Plan of Action on Ageing;

7. Recommends that Member States strengthen their networks of
national focal points on ageing, work with the regional commissions to
exchange best practices and undertake a range of awareness-raising
activities, including enlisting the assistance of the Department of
Public Information of the Secretariat to expand media coverage on
ageing issues;

8. Also recommends that Member States reach out to older
persons and the organizations that represent them, providing them with
needed information, and soliciting their feedback to make the national
implementation process inclusive;

9. Invites Member States as well as all other major national and
international stakeholders to continue their cooperation with the
Department of Economic and Social Affairs, as the United Nations
global focal point on ageing, in further implementing the Madrid Plan
of Action;

10. Invites Member States to continue reviewing their national
capacity for policy development concerning older persons and
demographic ageing, with a view to implementing appropriate
measures to enhance their national capacity in this area of policy
development, as necessary;

11. Encourages Member States to promote the development of
regional and subregional networks of experts and practitioners from
government, non-governmental organizations, academia and the
private sector in order to increase the potential for policy action on

12. Encourages the international community, including
international and bilateral donors, to enhance international cooperation,
in keeping with internationally agreed goals, to support national efforts
to eradicate poverty, in order to achieve sustainable social and
economic support for older persons, including by strengthening their
national capacity in the area of policy development and
implementation, regarding older persons, while bearing in mind that
countries have the primary responsibility for their own economic and
social development;

13. Also encourages the international community and the relevant
organizations of the United Nations system, within their respective
mandates, to support national and regional efforts and to provide
funding for research and data-collection initiatives on ageing in order
to better understand the challenges and opportunities presented by
population ageing and to provide policymakers with more accurate and
specific information on ageing and gender, such as for policy planning,
monitoring and evaluation;

14. Invites the United Nations system to strengthen within
existing resources its capacity to support international action on
ageing, with a view to deepening understanding of issues related to
ageing, including the effectiveness of related policy measures, and
requests the Secretary-General to seek the views of Member States
regarding possible mechanisms to improve the implementation of the
Madrid Plan of Action, including on the basis of the report of the
Secretary-General,20 to be presented during the forty-eighth session of
the Commission for Social Development;

15. Requests the Secretary-General to submit to the Commission for
Social Development, at its forty-eighth session, a report on the
implementation of the present resolution.

July 27th 2009

Source: http://www.globalaging.org/agingwatch/events/CSD/mipaa+5_files/draftresolution2009.pdf

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