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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sign Online Petition to STOP Elder Abuse in India

To mark World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on 15th June 2008, Silver Innings has taken the responsibility to address the issue of Elder Abuse by various programmes and this On Line Petition is one of the medium to create Awareness and Petition the Central and State Government and the Society at Large with the problem and recommendation.

This Petition is part of one month programme during June 2008 (1st June to 30th June) and a Initiative of Silver Innings, a organisation dedicated for Senior Citizens and their family members And promoted by INPEA (International Network for Prevention of Elder Abuse), Indian Chapter; The Family Welfare Agency, Mumbai, ARDSI (Alzheimer’s Related Disorder Society of India), Mumbai Chapter, Society for Serving Seniors, Hyderabad, Shree Manav Seva Sangh, Mumbai, and AISCCON (All India Senior Citizens' Confederation).

We request you to sign this Online Petition and help us to STOP Elder Abuse – Click on the link or copy paste this link on the Address bar: http://silverinnings.com/wead%20petition.asp or visit www.silverinnings.com

Last date to sign this petition is 13th June 2008, so hurry and the sign the Petition. This petition will be presented to government on 14th June 2008.

Forward this mail to your friends, colleagues and family members and ask them to sign this Petition.


Warm Regards,Sailesh Mishra

Founder - Silver Innings,A dedicated Organisation for Elders and their Family MembersFounder – ARDSI, Greater Mumbai Support GroupAdvisor - Society for Serving SeniorsManaging Committee Member - ARDSI, Mumbai ChapterWebsite : www.silverinnings.com Blog: http://peopleforsocialcause.blogspot.com/ ; http://silverinnings.blogspot.com/

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Forget yourself for others, and others will never forget you.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Silver Innings website 2nd Update

Silver Innings 2nd Update : 15thth May 2008

Dear Friends,
It’s our pleasure to bring to you the 2nd update of your website Silver Innings. Below are new articles recently posted on various sections. To read more you need to visit particular menu on the website http://www.silverinnings.com/ .Hope you enjoy this and send us your feedback at info@silverinnings.com .

We also invite articles of interest, inspiring short stories, jokes, reviews, etc. Please note publication is sole decision of web master and as per rules laid down by Silver Innings.

Worldwide, the emphasis of efforts aimed at helping older people is shifting. It is moving away from a welfare approach to a development approach that makes the elderly active participants in programs to help them live less poverty stricken, healthier and more socially supported lives.

HelpAge International targets 2005-2010
This paper sets out HelpAge International’s ambitions for 2005-2010. It is organised in eight ‘themes’ to provide a structure for HelpAge International to organise and monitor its work.

Ageing in India in the 21st Century: A Research Agenda is a country-specific report with special focus on priority areas and methodological issues.

List of MP’s in Rajya Sabha above 60 years

Successful Ageing
With age comes happiness
The study also found that baby boomers are not as content as other generations, African Americans are less happy than whites, men are less happy than women, happiness can rise and fall between eras, and that, with age the differences narrow.

What is successful ageing and who should define it?
A forward looking policy for older age would be a programme to promote successful ageing from middle age onwards, rather than simply aiming to support elderly people with chronic conditions.

Health/ Fitness
Arthritis - Info-Sheet for Seniors
There are many forms of arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common form and the most frequent joint disorder in seniors. It is also one of the major reasons why seniors limit their activities.

Joint pain should be controlled not ignored
Many of us assume that joint pain is a normal part of aging and therefore, the pain is likely here to stay. Nothing could be further from the truth, say medical professionals, especially with the advancement in treatment options that include exercise, foods, and alternative dietary supplements.

Are Your Loved one’s Memory Lapses Merely Awkward? Or Are They More Serious?
For the first time ever, your mother forgot your birthday. Back from a recent vacation, your father can’t recall what sites he visited.

Hard to achieve retirement peace and quiet
Apart from health issues, isn't anxiety supposed to diminish after retirement? Well, perhaps it does, or maybe it merely shifts focus.

Dementia & Alzheimer’s
8 Ways to Preserve Family Memories While You Can if Your Parent Has Alzheimer's
An often-overlooked reality of Alzheimer's is that your parent's memories and knowledge of family history will eventually disappear along with her personality. Fortunately this doesn't happen instantly.

End-Stage Dementia Patients Deserve Palliative Care
"We must act now to stop people with dementia from suffering from protracted, potentially uncomfortable and undignified deaths" says Jan Draper, Professor of Nursing for The Open University, UK.

Alzheimer's Disease: Tips for Maintaining a Normal Life
Living with Alzheimer's disease is a challenge for anyone.

Nutritional Recommendations For Seniors
Numerous benefits of a healthy diet and proper nutrition include: increased mental acuteness; resistance to illness and disease; higher energy levels; a more robust immune system; faster recuperation times, and; better management of chronic health problems.

Transportation Options for Older Adults
Have you ever thought about what would happen if the transportation you use is no longer an option? How would you continue to maintain your independence so that you could continue with your daily routines?

When making a move might improve your life
As people age, and especially if they have chronic health conditions, at some point they’re likely to find that their current home no longer suits their lifestyle or their needs.

We humans are always waiting for something to happen in our life and then we decide to make ourselves feel happy. Happiness is a state of mind which we can choose to have all the time. By Dr.Swaati Dhawan.

Plan &Act
You’ve reached age 60, but are you financially ready to retire in the next 2 to 6 years? If not, you are not alone. A growing number of people will work well beyond retirement age, not because they want to, but because they have to in order to meet living expenses.

Elder Law:
Age Related Policies: A Global Review on Age Discrimination Legislation
Age discrimination is an important issue for older people as it can result in unequal treatment or service.

This is International Team Project – India: Northwestern University School of Law, USA, Spring 2008.Also see comments of Sailesh Mishra, Founder of Silver Innings

Parents and Grandparents
Facing Loneliness As You Get Older
Human beings are social by nature--they thrive on meaningful social interactions with others.

Parent Connection
When it comes to contentment we have a lot to learn from seniors. As I was growing up in a rural community, spending time with grandparents was a greater blessing than I then realized.

With one elderly in every twelve, India is poised to become the second largest hub of seniors in the world. By Gerontologist Amruta Lovekar, Silver Innings Team

Eyes Banks in Mumbai
Organisation working for Elderly in Asia – Pacific

Hobbies and Activities
Live & Learn
As a matter of personality and lifestyle, I never do what I’m told. So far, so good. I’m sure I’ll screw it up one of these days.

Thanks for giving your valuable time, see you soon with next update.

Team Silver Innings

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

83-year-old to get Masters Degree from IGNOU

At 83, Delhi's Dinesh Chandra Gupta has completed his post graduation in Hindi and is set to be awarded a degree shortly.

He is one of the oldest students of the open university, IGNOU's students registration and evaluation division Registrar Dr Srikant Mohapatra said today.

Mr Gupta, who has authored 10 books, would be awarded the Masters Degree at the forthcoming convocation of the university.

His book "Budhaapa Kitna Khatta Kitna Meetha" has been sent to old age homes by the centre.
The author-cum-journalist has organised several eye donation camps and at present is the president of a charitable educational trust.


Indian Insurance cos calculate running age for premium

Senior citizens, who are already grappling with steep premium rate hikes, have yet another reason to be miffed with the controversial health insurance sector.

In what could perhaps be a first instance of its kind, last year, a public sector insurer started calculating and charging premium on the basis of an insurance applicant’s running age, against the normal practice of completed age.

Mumbai’s B K Shah, himself a medical practitioner, discovered this when he applied for his Mediclaim policy renewal. “In a nutshell,’’ says Shah, “when I went for renewal at the New India Assurance Company in October, the policy showed up my age as 74, although it should have been 73... I was told that they had introduced a ‘running age’ concept.’’

Shah says he thus had to shell out a higher loading (increase) on the premium than if his actual age were taken into account. He paid Rs 700 extra. “With this additional amount, my renewal premium rose to a total of Rs 23,052 last year from Rs 11,053 in 2006.’’

Subsequently, Shah made a right to information (RTI) application, which confirmed the company had shifted to this structure since August 16, 2007, “as a corporate decision’’. Bimalendu Chakrabarti, CMD at New India Assurance, corroborates this development.

The RTI document assured that as and when the policy was due for renewal, policyholders would be intimated along with premium calculation. Shah denies receiving any such intimation. The document also mentioned that “the product" was approved by the sectoral watchdog, Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (Irda). Shah now approached the Irda to verify the claim.

“I received a ridiculous reply that the method of calculating age is an internal underwriting issue to be decided by the concerned insurer.’’ In the absence of Irda chairman C S Rao, who retired earlier this week, a detailed discussion on the subject was not possible.

However, an Irda official admits that the regulator has not issued specific instructions in this regard. “Most companies follow (the concept of) completed age and one follows running age... Companies’ policies are disclosed in their documents.’’ Another official adds, “In a detariffed market, the premium has to be decided by the insurance company.’’

The ombudsman’s office too washes its hands of the issue. “This is not an area of dispute. We don’t look at issues such as age. We come into the picture only when a claim is denied,’’ says an official. Blaming this laxity for the situation, K S (Kaka) Samant, general secretary at the General Insurance Pensioners’ Association, Western Zone, says: “Since the Irda has not taken any objection, it is taken as a sign of approval.’’

The consumer organisations TOI spoke to said this was a case of commercial considerations overriding logic. As Mumbai activist Jehangir Gai asks, “Would someone who is 17 and running 18 be allowed to vote?’’

Shah also made RTI requests to other public sector general insurers, Oriental Insurance Company, United India Insurance Company and National Insurance Company. They charge premium according to the applicant’s actual age.

Courtesy: www.timesofindia.com

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Importance of Counseling for Caregivers

Caregivers are in a unique position to provide care for the physical, mental and spiritual needs of parents and other loved ones. However, who cares for the caregiver’s needs? Caregiving is a mentally and physically demanding task (and often thankless) that takes its toll, not only in aching muscles and bones, but also in the psyche and spirit. Understanding the need for counseling, when necessary, helps caregivers to maintain quality of care and positive outlooks when charged with another's care.

The Necessity of Counseling
Many caregivers go through periods of stress, depression, and frustration. These are normal human responses. Feeling them does not in any way mean that a caregiver is inadequate. Most caregivers pour their heart and soul into their task, and the emotional toll can sometimes be quite devastating.

When asked about signs of caregiver "burnout" or stress, Shawn Hertz, of the Los Angeles Caregiver Resource Center says, "They become more resentful… there are quite a few red flags, and they cut across medical symptoms, physical symptoms, psychological symptoms and social symptoms. That's the important thing to remember about stress: it doesn't just affect one aspect of our lives. It affects all the major aspects of our lives that make us a whole person."

Caregivers who receive regular emotional support are much more apt to be able to handle difficult decisions, situations, and to help clarify needs of care receivers. Whether such emotional support is personal, through one-on-one contact with a supervisor, counselor, religious member of the community, or group support, the availability of counseling may prove invaluable to maintaining high-quality care.

Caring for loved ones often brings caregivers a great sense of accomplishment, but at times, overwhelming demands may affect a caregiver's physical condition, in addition to many other aspects of their life. It is not uncommon for caregivers to occasionally feel anger, frustration, and then grow anxious or guilty for those feelings.

One of the most devastating effects of the demands of caregiving, however, is depression. The Family Caregiver Alliance has estimated that nearly 20 percent of family caregivers suffer from some form of depression, and that over 40 percent of caregivers of Alzheimer's patients suffer from mild to moderate stages of depression during and after extended periods of care.
Of course, not all caregivers will suffer from depression, anxiety, or feelings of inadequacy, but for those who do, learning how to understand and address those feelings is one of the greatest benefits of counseling.

Read More here: http://www.agingcare.com/Featured-Stories/126208/The-Importance-of-Counseling-for-Caregivers.htm

Silver Innings Invites Essay on Elder Abuse: Last date 20th May

Dear Friends,
SILVER INNINGS ''www.silverinnings.com'' Invites an Essay of 500 words only, with regards to following topic.The Last date for submission is by midnight of 20th May 2008. Mail your essay on or before 20th May 2008 to info@silverinnings.com

"What is perception of society regarding Elder Abuse and what are your recommendation to Stop It".

Pls note best Three (3) essay will be published in Website www.silverinnings.com and Blogs: http://peopleforsocialcause.blogspot.com/ ; http://silverinnings.blogspot.com/ .

Also note that all the essay will be used by Silver Innings as database/paper presentation for our strategy to Tackle Elder Abuse.The verdict of Founder and Webmaster will be final for the selection of best three(3) essay and for publication.

The winner will be Announced after 31st May 2008.

Warm Regards,Sailesh Mishra
Founder - Silver Innings,A dedicated Website for Elders and their Family Members

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Common drugs may lead to physical slowdown in elderly

Elderly people who took anticholinergics, a commonly prescribed group of drugs for incontinence, allergy or high blood pressure may experience slowdown in their daily physical activities, said a U.S. study as quoted by media reports Sunday.

The elderly who took anticholinergic drugs that block acetylcholine functioned less well than their peers, said researchers at Wake Forest University School of Medicine Medicine in North Carolina.

Anticholinergic drugs work by stopping acetylcholine, a chemical that enhances communication between nerve cells in the brain, from binding to its receptors in nerve cells.

"These results were true even in older adults who have normal memory and thinking abilities," said study author Dr. Kaycee M. Sink in a prepared statement.

"The effect is essentially that of a three- to four-year increase in age. So someone who is 75 in our study and taking at least one moderately anticholinergic medication is at a similar functional level to a 78 to 79-year-old," Sink said in an e-mail.

Common anticholinergic medicines cited in the study included the blood pressure medication nifedipine (Adalat or Procardia), the stomach antacid ranitidine (Zantac) and the incontinence medication tolterodine (Detrol).

The reseach, presented at American Geriatrics Society Meeting in Washington, studied 3,000 people of whom 40 percent were taking more than one anticholinergic drug.

The latest findings support Sink's earlier study this month in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society in which she found that older nursing home residents who took drugs for dementia and incontinence at the same time had a 50 percent faster decline in function than those treated only for dementia.

The two studies suggest that physicians should carefully consider the implications when prescribing anticholingeric medications to older adults.

Source : http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2008-05/04/content_8097809.htm

Protect Senior Citizens

Yesterday 4th May again a Senior Citizens was killed in Mumbai,India.There is news about Murder, robbery, abuse, fraud week after week and law enforcement agency are not able to STOP this.

We at Silver Innings are worried of this kind of brutal news about our Elders which are been there every week in cities like Mumbai and Delhi.

Yes we would like to work and working on solution to stop and minimize this kind of cases.

But we feel this issue has larger canvas, then being of law and order issue. Mumbai Police or Delhi Police already have Senior Citizens ID card, Registration Programme, Elder Help line. But you see it does not help. It requires Holistic approach.

Please note there are hardly and very few NGO’s working in this most neglected segment of society - the Senior Citizens.

Globalisation, competition, change in lifestyle, Migration, unstoppable growth of the mega city, break up in Joint Family system is also more responsible for this kind of repeated horrifying event and news. Seniors are left alone at home at mercy of servants and neighbors.

It’s not only duty of Cops and Government but its duty of society and every individual to protect Senior Citizens and make them live in Peace, Happy and with Dignity. Why blame cops all the time, Yes its their duty but how 35,000 cops are going to provide security to more the one crore Mumbaikar.

NGO's working for the causes of Elders are not working united there is missing link. They should work together and sensitized the society and community about the issues of Elders like Loneliness, security and care. We at Silver Innings are working on module of Networking and trying to get them together. Also most of the NGO’s in this area are working in isolation they should involve other organisation / group like Mohalla Committee, ALM, etc

Society on their own should work out mechanism like Support group, Vigilant and Neighborhood Elder Security brigade. Why can't we have College students / National Social Service students and NCC cadets taking responsibility of their own building/ own housing society?

Measure like installation of Alarm in each lonely seniors home, neighbor hood watch by college students or Housing Society, Servant identification, registration of all servants, awareness campaign in each locality/CHS for seniors, Use of technology like door, Pendent, mobile, phone, watch Security Alarm System, care and social awareness for seniors themselves and holistic approach by all Police Station will make difference and will lessen the Abuse and Security problem for Elders.

Lets cretae an Safe and Secured Environment for our Elders.

Memory Clinic for Senior Citizens in Mumbai

Silver Innings in association with ARDSI, Mumbai Chapter has organized a Memory Check up camp for person above 60 years. Alzheimer’s and Dementia are disease of the brain that causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior. It is not a normal part of aging. Alzheimer’s gets worse over time. Although symptoms can vary widely, the first problem many people notice is forgetfulness severe enough to affect their ability to function at home or at work, or to enjoy lifelong hobbies.

Date: Sunday 11th May 2008

Time: 9am to 2pm

Location: Mira Road, Mumbai

Registration Fees: Rs.10/-

To Register Call:
Dr. Dhananjay Gambhire, (MD, DPM) Consultant Psychiatrist: 09323187784

Dr.Dragos Lifeline Hospital (Old)
Green Meadows, Sheetal Nagar,
Near Holly Cross convent School,
Mira Road - East-West
Mumbai ( W.Rly)
Tel 28103727

This is First grass root level project of newly launched Silver Innings for Senior Citizens.

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

8 Ways to Preserve Family Memories While You Can if Your Parent Has Alzheimer's

An often-overlooked reality of Alzheimer's is that your parent's memories and knowledge of family history will eventually disappear along with her /his personality. Fortunately this doesn't happen instantly. Early in the disease process, even when short-term memory loss is obvious, long-term memories tend to persist. So now's the time to capture what she/he knows for future generations.

Before you're left with regrets that you don't know more about your parent's past, take steps to preserve them. This siren call to action is one of the few upsides to an Alzheimer's diagnosis. As you open a window into your parent's life, you might glean some useful insights into your family life -- and you'll surely enjoy these meaningful ways of spending quality time together now.

  1. Record your parent reminiscing.
  2. Analyze and digitize old loose images.
  3. Pore over photo albums, old and new.
  4. Buy a fill-in-the-blank memory book.
  5. Fill in your family tree.
  6. Travel to your parent's hometown.
  7. Learn the stories of things.
  8. Get "famous" family recipes down on paper.

Read this in detail: http://www.caring.com/checklists/ways-to-preserve-family-memories

Taxpayer: Budget joys and inflation woes in India

Overall, Budget 08-09 offers the aam taxpayer many benefits. No doubt, Finance Minister P Chidambaram has done his bit in preparing a favourable pitch for the upcoming general elections. Be that as it may, it's some relief in a year when the invisible tax called inflation is threatening to unhinge household budgets.

The following are the important proposals which impact the aam taxpayer. All these proposed amendments apply to FY 08-09 and subsequent years, unless otherwise specified.

Reverse Mortgage Scheme -- Looking after the baghbaan
The popular film of 2005, Baghbaan (meaning gardener, the one who raises flowers), depicted the story of the sufferings of a retired couple who spent all their savings on raising their children. Once well settled, the self-centred children had little inclination to help their senior citizen parents, or look after them with love and understanding. As it happens in films, the protagonist played by Amitabh Bachchan is able to write a bestselling book that solves all his financial problems.

Realizing perhaps that life may not always emulate the dream world of films, the government last year launched the reverse mortgage scheme, which can provide both financial security and an independent life to the Baghbaans.

This scheme was launched with the intention to secure a stream of cash flow for the senior citizens against the mortgage of a residential house and not to alienate the property. However, the scheme did not take off because of lack of clarity in some aspects. Now, Sec. 10(43) has been inserted to provide that such loan amounts will be exempt from income tax. Sec. 47(xa) has also been inserted to provide that any transfer of a capital asset in a transaction of reverse mortgage shall not be regarded as a transfer and therefore shall not attract capital gains tax. The borrower (or his legatees) will be liable to tax on capital gains only when the mortgaged property is transferred by the mortgagee for recovering the loan.
Unfortunately, the authorities have neglected to deal with the treatment of tax on accrued interest in the hands of the lender.
The amendment shall apply retrospectively from FY 07-08.

Two more tax saving investments -- Enlargement of the scope of Section 80C

Read in detail: http://inhome.rediff.com/money/2008/apr/30spec1.htm

Friday, May 2, 2008

American Geriatrics Society Honors Senator Blanche Lincoln Of Arkansas

In recognition of her tireless efforts to support the health, independence and well-being of older Americans, the American Geriatrics Society (AGS) will present its inaugural "Congressional Leadership Award" to Senator Blanche L. Lincoln (D-AR) on May 1, during its Annual Scientific Meeting in Washington, DC. The meeting, which runs from April 30 through May 4, is the premier conference on aging research.

Sen. Lincoln, who first took office in 1992 as US Representative for Arkansas' First Congressional District, was the youngest woman ever elected to the United State Senate when she won a seat in that chamber in 1998. An active member of the Senate Special Committee on Aging, she has long demonstrated a commitment to improving the lives of older Americans.

Sen. Lincoln's leadership efforts on behalf of the Geriatric Assessment and Chronic Care Coordination Act (GACCCA) -- a bill she is championing in the Senate i- exemplify that commitment. The legislation, for which Sen. Lincoln has long advocated, would fill a major gap in Medicare by covering comprehensive geriatric assessments and healthcare coordination for beneficiaries with multiple chronic illnesses. She is also supporting a proposed Medicare demonstration program modeled on the GACCCA and has co-sponsored additional legislation to protect the elderly from abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Sen. Lincoln has led initiatives to improve access to and the quality of long-term care. She was a key supporter of the 2007 reauthorization of the Older Americans Act (OAA), which funds numerous programs for older people, including senior center services, meals, transportation, home care, and caregiver support for those caring for older adults. She was also instrumental in increasing funding for OAA initiatives last year.

Read Full Story: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/105819.php

Hope we have some one like her in Indian Politics,Wake up Indian Politicians and HELP the cause of Elderly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Himachal to strengthen Ayurveda system

The State Government would further strengthen ayurveda health-care system so that better medical services would be made available to the people at their door steps in far flung areas of the State.

Dr. Rajiv Bindal, Health Minister informed while addressing a day long workshop on National Rural Health Mission organized by the department of Health and Ayurveda here today.
The Minister said that ‘Geriatrics Care Clinic’ had emerged successful in Himachal Pradesh and as a result the State had been declared as a nodal State following which a training programme would be launched for the doctors in geriatrics very soon.

Dr.Bindal disclosed that 250 Ayurvedic clinics in the Primary Health Centres, 70 clinics in community health centres/ rural hospitals and 10 wards in the regional/medical college hospitals would be opened during current financial year.

Also govt. has constituted two Joint Committees in the Health and Ayurveda department in view of necessities of people living in difficult geographical conditions. The Committees would ensure coordination and participation at all levels so that all health programmes could be made fruitful.

Source: http://himachal.us/2008/04/29/himachal-to-strengthen-ayurveda-system/5340/health/himachal-news

A Pomegranate a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Recent studies on a very old fruit are confirming what the ancients believed about the pomegranate. Also known as rimmon, its Hebrew name, the pomegranate has long been prized for its benefits to heart health. We now know it also can be helpful in treating diabetes, dementia, cancer and menopausal problems, and it can even prevent sunburn.

Known by Bible readers as a decoration on the Temple Priests' robes and as a metaphor for beauty in poetic writings, this unique fruit was also used in healing. It was known not only in the Middle East, but also in Egypt, Greece, Spain, China and India.

In fact, in India the 'Gulnar farsi', male abortive flowers of the Punica granatum L., or pomegranate, have been used for the treatment of diabetes mellitus in Unani medicine. Moreover, a recent study in India showed that an extract of this flower lowered blood glucose levels in diabetic rats.

As for the pomegranate's juice, it improved the ability of macrophages (immune-response cells) to absorb low-density lipids. The researchers in this study concluded that pomegranate juice consumption for three months may help diabetics by lowering the oxidative stress that often leads to vascular disease.

Those with diabetes should realize, though, that this juice is very high in sugar content. As Mike Adams warned in a previous Natural News article, "Eight oz. of pomegranate juice (one serving) can deliver over 30 grams of sugars. That's more than two servings of a sweetened breakfast cereal. It's a lot of sugar to deal with. And if you're diabetic or hypoglycemic, you should never drink these juices on an empty stomach. When you eat real pomegranate seeds, you see, the natural seed fibers slow the absorption of the pomegranate sugars. So the glycemic index of pomegranate seeds is far lower than the glycemic index of pomegranate juice.

"Scientists have been studying the pomegranate to find out just what the mechanisms and characteristics are that enable it to help with so many ailments. This seedy fruit has more anti-oxidative power in its seeds than red wine, green tea and blueberry juice; the seeds contain a number of flavonoids, including isoflavones with estrogenic capabilities. In addition, its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties are becoming evident.

Read in detail: http://www.naturalnews.com/023145.html

Introduction to Silver Innings :Part 2 : Health & Fitness

Dear Friends,
Hope you enjoyed our First awareness series - Introduction to Silver Innings : Part 1: Ageing.

This is Second in this Series explaining Health & Fitness in Silver Innings: www.silverinnings.com

Main Menu: Health/Fitness
Thanks to decades of biomedical research, there are some clear pointers as to how to stay fit and well throughout later life. Our chances of ageing successfully are affected most by lifestyle. You need to keep fit and healthy so as to remain independent and mobile. It is never too late to change your lifestyle and diet or to take up some form of exercise to improve your strength and stamina. Being active and doing exercise can also be enjoyable. Age is no barrier to taking up a new programme to stay fit and healthy.
Quality of life will improve if you take steps to age gracefully and take care of your mind and body. Determine to do your best at slowing the aging process and you will feel better and continue to be able to more activities for a longer period of time. Promoting the healthy lifestyles of older people is vital in helping them to maintain health and functional independence and lead healthy and independent lives.

Sub Menu : Physical
This section has various Physical activities and related articles.

Sub Menu: Mental
This has various articles on Psychological & Mental Health

Sub Menu: Alzheimer’s & Dementia
This my favorite subject.This section has anything and everything about Dementia and also interesting Ten Movies About Alzheimer's Disease You Shouldn't Miss and Dementia Education through Cartoons.

Sub Menu: Medical
This section has information with regards to Medical and interesting Emergency Medicine Manual

Sub Menu: Alternate Therapies
This section explains various Alternate Therapies Like Aromatherapy,Tai Chi and Pranic Healing

Sub Menu: Diet
This section has various interesting articles with regards to Diet and also read 1 day diet plan for senior citizens recommended by our Dietician Neha Chheda : http://silverinnings.com/diet%20plan%20for%20senior%20citizen.html and 1 day diet plan for a Diabetic, High BP senior citizen : http://silverinnings.com/diet%20plan%20for%20diabetic%20n%20high%20bp.html

Sub Menu: Lifestyle
This section gives various option for ideal lifestyle and various Tips.

Pls note each sub menu has Important links in the bottom,don't forget to have a look.

Hope this will Help you to surf each and every section,we request you to read each article,it will add more colours to your Silver Innings.

Next Series: Finance

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