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Friday, May 2, 2008

Introduction to Silver Innings :Part 2 : Health & Fitness

Dear Friends,
Hope you enjoyed our First awareness series - Introduction to Silver Innings : Part 1: Ageing.

This is Second in this Series explaining Health & Fitness in Silver Innings: www.silverinnings.com

Main Menu: Health/Fitness
Thanks to decades of biomedical research, there are some clear pointers as to how to stay fit and well throughout later life. Our chances of ageing successfully are affected most by lifestyle. You need to keep fit and healthy so as to remain independent and mobile. It is never too late to change your lifestyle and diet or to take up some form of exercise to improve your strength and stamina. Being active and doing exercise can also be enjoyable. Age is no barrier to taking up a new programme to stay fit and healthy.
Quality of life will improve if you take steps to age gracefully and take care of your mind and body. Determine to do your best at slowing the aging process and you will feel better and continue to be able to more activities for a longer period of time. Promoting the healthy lifestyles of older people is vital in helping them to maintain health and functional independence and lead healthy and independent lives.

Sub Menu : Physical
This section has various Physical activities and related articles.

Sub Menu: Mental
This has various articles on Psychological & Mental Health

Sub Menu: Alzheimer’s & Dementia
This my favorite subject.This section has anything and everything about Dementia and also interesting Ten Movies About Alzheimer's Disease You Shouldn't Miss and Dementia Education through Cartoons.

Sub Menu: Medical
This section has information with regards to Medical and interesting Emergency Medicine Manual

Sub Menu: Alternate Therapies
This section explains various Alternate Therapies Like Aromatherapy,Tai Chi and Pranic Healing

Sub Menu: Diet
This section has various interesting articles with regards to Diet and also read 1 day diet plan for senior citizens recommended by our Dietician Neha Chheda : http://silverinnings.com/diet%20plan%20for%20senior%20citizen.html and 1 day diet plan for a Diabetic, High BP senior citizen : http://silverinnings.com/diet%20plan%20for%20diabetic%20n%20high%20bp.html

Sub Menu: Lifestyle
This section gives various option for ideal lifestyle and various Tips.

Pls note each sub menu has Important links in the bottom,don't forget to have a look.

Hope this will Help you to surf each and every section,we request you to read each article,it will add more colours to your Silver Innings.

Next Series: Finance

Did you join your own website,join here: http://silverinnings.com/primary%20individual%20form.asp and spread the word.

Thanks and Happy Surfing.

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