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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Silver Surfers: Internet Usage Among Older Generations

Silver Surfers: Internet Usage Among Older Generations


The Internet isn’t just for tweens and young socialites. In fact, a large population of Internet users are 50 and older, utilizing the Web for social media, shopping and even education. Let’s take a look at why the stereotype of the not-so-tech-savvy Baby Boomer is more than faulty.

Stats and Facts

Almost 1 in 5
Percentage of Twitter users over 50
Percentage of Americans 65+ who use the Internet
Of that 53%, 70% use it on a typical day.
27 hours per week
Average amount of time Baby Boomers 47-65 spent on the Internet in 2012
Percentage of seniors (65+) who own a desktop computer
Percentage of adults 50-64 who own a desktop computer
Senior Internet use (2000-2012)
The number of adults 50+ who use the Internet has grown significantly in the past 12 years.

A Closer Look: Social Media

Though the average age of the social media user is fairly young, a large percentage of social media profiles belong to adults 55 and over.
27.4 million
Adults 55+ who engage in social networking to communicate
1 in 3
Online seniors who use social media
This is a big difference from 2009, where only 13% of online seniors were using social media.
Percentage of online seniors who have a Facebook account
Percentage of Twitter users 50 and older

A Closer Look: Shopping

Maybe it’s because they have the most money of any age group, or maybe it’s because they like the convenience; whatever the reason, adults 50 and older constitute a majority of the online consumer population.
Percentage of online seniors who have made an online purchase in the past three months
$7 billion
Average annual amount spent online by adults aged 50+
Adults 50+ account for 80% of all online luxury travel spending.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Public Notice: Silver Innings is Registered Trade Mark

‘Silver Innings’ the Logo, Marks and Word; is Exclusive Right, Owned, Used and Registered Trade Mark of Mr.Sailesh R Mishra, used since April 2008.

‘Silver Innings’ Logo, Marks and Word; Trade mark cant be used in any connection with any product or service that is  not of 'Silver Innings' product or service.

‘Silver Innings’ Logo, Marks and Word; Reproduction or Use or Misuse or Any Confusing smilar mark, in whole or part without permission is strictly prohibited. 

‘Silver Innings’, the Logo, Marks and Word; Any Use, Misuse, Trading or Reproduction without permission for any services, products, facilities, content etc will be liable for legal action for Trademark Infringement. 

The copyright in the material on the all ‘Silver Innings’ Website, Internet and Social Media belongs to ‘Silver innings’ group and may be copied and used only for personal and non-commercial purposes (except as previously authorized in writing by Silver Innings).

By Order;
Sailesh Mishra
Founder President
Silver Innings 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Alzheimer's Prayer by Kate - Catherine Coutinho for Silver Innings

I just want to say Thank you for all your love and support I have received in these three months and I am filled with Joy that I have received Social Work Certificate Course Senior Citizen from College of Social Work -Nirmala Niketan Institute.   

My mission begin NOW and work All for the Glory of God, in all the fields that the Lord want me to put my hand on the field to plough and bear good fruits.

I have made a prayer for  ALZHEIMER'S PRAYER at A1 Snehanjali, Silver Innings assisted living elder care home : SAILESH MISHRA I thought of our Holy Father Pope Paul the II in his last day how he was suffering with ALZHEIMER'S, I did not know what it was and thinking of our Holy Father Pope Paul the II made prayer for all the Patient who are suffering from ALZHEIMER'S, I do not know why I made this prayer but it give me comfort for I do not know at the end what state of life we will live, For no one knows our future and we are in Gods hands and walking in the Footsteps of Christ ! and be saved.

My life begins now as a social work for the People of the people and the model of all social worker is Our Lord Jesus Christ : he is my model and I will imitate in Christ with all the guidance I have received  during the three months from the the Good people at Nirmala Nikethan.  Thanks you once again.

Sailesh, God bless you, and keep up to your good work, I really appreciate, all that you have done for us and to the world. Keep me in your prayer. Amen.



At time the visitors are confused of my behavior that keep them wonder about me,
Grant them the strength, and to over come the fear when they see me,
Forgive me of all my irritation that cause my visitors to go away,
You know Lord I am not in a stable frame of mind,
Dear Lord please walk with me in the mist of memory that has become
Where it leads me I do not know,

Dear Lord, you know me what I am,
Hold me nearer to you, and to appreciate all the Visitors.
For their kindness, love and support that keeps me still closer to you.
A newborn of Child in the world,
I depend totally to you lord,
For you are my instruments of Love, which give me, Joy forever.

Please Lord let them take my hand and stay awhile,
Even though I seem unaware of their presence.
Help them to know how their strength & Love, comfort me,
With their loving care, which draw me closer to, you Lord,
Just when I need it most in time of trial & suffering.

Let them know when I don't recognize them,
I need you lord to console there loving heart
And free them from sorrow, when it comes,
And let it pass gently and heal their heart of pain,
Let there be sunshine of your love Lord, reflecting in visitors souls
They have not seen me but its You Lord,

And finally Lord, please let them know,
How very much their visits mean to me,
Even through in relentless mystery of my sickness,
You can see Lord I can still feel their love,
With there gentle touch of appreciation caring,
And a window of your mirror is already reflecting in the souls.


In Christ!

Kate - Catherine Coutinho O.C.V.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Silver Innings, a journey from organisation to ideaology, a movement…

“A change agent is someone who has an inner flame  pushing them out into the world to improve it. My work at the Silver Innings is to feed that flame so it grows into a bonfire. My hope is that each person’s flame will grow to be so bright that one day we will create Elder Friendly World where Ageing becomes a Positive and Rewarding Experience”  
: Sailesh Mishra , Founder President, Silver Innings   

Today 10th April 2014 on our Foundation Day, its an amazing experience, completing 6 Years, Silver Innings has become a movement, a trend setter with its uniqueness and innovative Positive approach towards Ageing. 

We take this opportunity to Thank all our supporters, well wishers , colleagues , friends , partners and all Elders for their continuous support and blessings. 

We still remember that day, 10th April 2008, our Social Enterprise organization 'Silver Innings' was launched with website www.silverinnings.com to work With Senior Citizens to provide need base service to Senior Citizens and their family members.

The idea behind Silver innings was to take the fear out of ageing by empowering the elders and bringing dignity in their lives Who’s afraid of ageing? Is what the team at Silver Innings believes in. 

Silver Innings was born with idea of a new beginning for our elders. It is a new path, the journey of successful ageing. It is an initiative that was started by my young change-makers team , Hendi Lingiah, (France), Prof Parul Kibliwala (India,SNDT) Bhavesh Chheda (Web designer,India) and Sailesh Mishra(Marketing Professional, India)  who were far removed in distance but united in the cause of elders. 

The idea was germinated by our founder Sailesh Mishra and took root with the support and contribution of these individuals and many more people, to list them all will be an endless list. Silver Innings took form as a one stop destination for dissemination of information and resources for the elders and their family members. The social enterprise opened a platform for discussing issues regarding the elders and soon a need for a social organisation emerged. Taking on this gaping need, Silver Inning Foundation a NGO was born in July 2008 to address  the micro and macro level issues of the elderly to create an elder friendly world.

Silver Innings had taken a bold and innovative step to address the issues concerning elders with the help of technology by proactively using ICT in creating awareness and sensitization. It believes in partnerships and networking and uses various platforms, NGOs, educational institutes, medical institutes to promote the cause. It is trying to break the centralised system by reaching out to the elderly where they are situated and empowering them to find resources within them to deal with the issues.

Silver Innings believes in creating an environment and understanding of ageing as a positive and beautiful experience with no negativity attached to it.  A few organisations in recent years were addressing some of the issues of the elderly. However there was a need for better marketing of the issues of the elderly with proactive participation, networking and advocacy towards the cause. A non-discriminatory, approach was needed since most of the organisation working for elder care were addressing the elites on the one hand and the down trodden on the other but the middle class was somehow left out of this outreach. 

Silver Innings has a vision that after 20 / 30 years Silver Inning Foundation (SIF) , NGO will ceases to operate, elders won’t any more need any NGO’s and we believes that NGO’s should not survive on stakeholders.There will be only service and product providers.That's why Silver Innings is working towards creating Elder Friendly World where Ageing becomes a Positive and Rewarding Experience. Now its like monopoly of handful organisations but it should be consumer driven market. A social innovation and Social Entrepreneur module will make huge difference to other wise most neglected and ignored sector of Senior Citizens globally. 

Our Sixth year 2013-14 was an Interesting year with lots of ups and down , but with limited funds and human resources we could still make some difference with events like Lectures , Workshop, Training, World days events, Heath  camps,  Advocacy , Participation in national and international conference's and also with some concrete New Initiative such as :  

Silver Innings Matrimonial & Companionship, A match making bureau for senior citizens, launched in April 2013

Silver Innings FC ( Foot ball club of youths playing for cause  of Elders)  we won all the matches in Div III group E , we were the topper , launched in July 2013

A1 Snehanjali, Assisted living elder care home (for Alzheimer's, Dementia, Parkinson and Very old) , one of its kind in Mumbai city ( Nalasopara west) , Launched in Aug 2013

Koffee with Kahani, launched in Dec 2013 with ‘The Metrognome’ a  Inter-generation programme promoting story telling 

'Silver Innings' Registered as Trade Mark 

16 vs 60 Cricket match (between Youths and Senior Citizens)  launched in Jan 2014, Inter-generation programme with sports 

Silver Innings Helpline, India’s first online helpline portal only for Senior Citizens , Launched in Feb 2014, a brain child of Ramaa Subramanium, co founder 

Our work was also appreciated when our founder Sailesh Mishra was Awarded with Rotary Club Award , Dec 2013.

It was one of the important milestone with Book Launch of  Karma Kurry for the mind, body, heart and soul’ in Dec 2013 Book published by Jaico with ‘Son of Million Parents’ our founder Sailesh Mishra change maker story.

We also got covered in many media, print in English and local languages  but one of the important one, to be mentioned is Electronic Media Interview of our Founder Sailesh Mishra regarding Old Age Homes and Senior Citizens issues at World Islamic Network's WIN TV 'Haqeeqat  Telecast on 13th April 2013.

Doing all this we never realized when we had reached out to millions of people globally.  

Some real time Statics will give you an idea of our proactive online activity, being pioneer in Asia using social media as tool for cause of aging :

Silver Innings (SI) Group Outreach  Reach Out , as on  9th April  2014       

Website and Publications:    
Websites :   Total Hits 1,71,187                                                       
www.silverinnings.com  :  1,10,765 hit  (since April 2008 )                                                 
http://a1snehanjali.com/  :  3841 hits  (since Dec 2013)                                                         
http://silverinningshelpline.com/  : 2581 (since 16th Feb 2014)                                                         
http://silverinningfoundation.org/   :  Under Construction                                                    
Blogs:   Total Hits  2,66,512                                                 
People for Social Cause Blog: 1,32,190 (since July 2007 )                                                   
Silver Innings blog :1,04,813 hit (Since April 2008 )                                                
Alzheimer’s Society (ARDSI), Greater Mumbai Blog: 17,996 hit   (Since Jan 2011)  - Managed by SI
Missing Senior Citizen Alert Blog      9,754 Hit ( Since 25th Nov 2011)                                         
Silver Innings Matrimonial and Companionship :  1759  ( April 2013)                                                         
Seniors World Chronicle  10,78,372 Hits (acquired on 8th May 2012) 
Social Media:                                    
Total Followers/ Friends : 8093                                                      
Facebook: 6000 Followers/Friends (including personal)                                     
Twitter2093 Followers           (Including Personal)                           

Facebook Pages / Community : Total Likes 3109    
Youth for Seniors: 579 (Since July 2010)                              
Silver Inning Foundation: 439 (April 2008)                          
Silver Innings Matrimonial & Companionship: 109 (April 2013)                              
Silver Innings: 604 ( April 2008)                               
Silver Innings Young at Heart (Talent): 77 (Since 1st March 2014)             
World Elder Abuse Awareness Day: 232 (Since 2010)                                
The International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA): 532 (since 2011)  Managed by SI  A1 Snehanjali: 285 (since July 2013)                         
Silver Innings Dementia Management Services(SIDMS): 91 (since April 2012)      
Silver Innings FC : 51 (Since July 2013)                               
Celebrating Age (Event):  110 (Since 2012)      

Facebook Groups : Total Members  2559                                      
Missing Senior Citizen Alert: 700                              
Alzheimer's Related Disorder Society of India (ARDSI): 975 Managed by SI       
World Elder Abuse Awareness Day: 460                              
Senior Citizens National Solidarity Day 16th Aug: 354 Managed by SI                   

Online Newspaper:                                                  
Silver Innings Newspaper (Paper li ):  77 subscriber                         
Dementia & Alzheimer's Times :  83 Subscriber        

Total Outreach For Social Media including Websites and blogs:   13,95,670 - 9th April 2014             
Silver Innings Members : 5000  ( since April 2008 )                                                 
Meri News.com - Citizen Journalism  : 36 Article published : 72,000 hits (5 years)  

Reach Out  / Impact                                                 
Indirect: 10, 00,000 plus people globally (through ICT - internet) since April 2008                         
Direct: approx  1,00,000 people in India since April 2008    

Yes we all are the Change to make this society for all Ages.

Team Silver Innings
Dhanalaxmi Rao
Mona Mishra
Joylet Rebello




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