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Monday, April 7, 2014

Bharatiya Janata Party #loksabhaelection2014 Manifesto with regards to Senior Citizens Issues

My detail view: Bharatiya Janata Party #loksabhaelection2014 Manifesto with regards to Senior Citizens Issues
There are 104 million Senior Citizens (60+), 10% of total population and around 23% of total voting population.

Iam Happy and Unhappy with BJP party manifesto.

Iam Unhappy because it has  totally ignored NPOP( National Policy of Older Person) 1999, the Mission statement of Indian Govt. For 104 million Senior Citizens ; also there is no mention of Alzheimer's and Dementia.

Iam happy because it does talks about Elders at various points such as: 

Direct Way:

  • Its first Political Party that has mentioned Senior Citizens In table of Content and as one of major Focus area

  • Page 19:Under: Social Security - A Caring Government, Passionate Society:  India has always been a caring society. It is in our culture to help the aged, the weak and the helpless. We have to retain this. We have to educate our younger generations about this. The social security schemes of the Governments have to be made more meaningful. Our aspirations get frustrated when we encounter a weak social infrastructure. We need it on a daily basis. 

  • Page 19: Under: Senior Citizens:

  1. BJP is committed to the welfare of senior citizens, especially their security and health care. We will take measures to deal with the issues related to the senior citizens in a focused manner.
  2. BJP will: Provide financial support, exploring ideas like additional tax benefits and higher interest rates.
  3. Invest in setting up and improving old-age homes.
  4. Harness their experience in the National Interest. Devise schemes and programs to engage thesenior citizens as volunteers / part time workers in various development programmes of the government, in urban and rural areas. This will not only help in utilizing their time, but also it would be an effective utilization of their experience and may add an additional source of income for them.

  • Page 25 and 26 Under Health Services - Increase the Access, Improve the Quality, Lower the Cost :  Senior Citizens healthcare would be a special focus area

  • Page 27 and 28: Under: Agriculture - Productive, Scientific and Rewarding : Put in place welfare measures for farmers above 60 years in age, small and marginal farmers and farm labours.


  • Page 31: Under : Labour Force - The Pillar of Our Growth: Strengthen the Pension and Health Insurance safety nets for all kinds of labourers

  • Page 33  Under Railway: Tourist Rail - including Pilgrimage Rail.

Read #BJPManifesto2014 in detail: http://www.bjp.org/manifesto2014

This election,We at Silver Inning Foundation and Millions of Senior Citizens will only VOTE for a Candidate or political party who declares in its manifesto a promise to pass and implement NPOP 1999(National Policy of Senior Citizens) in LokSabha, Otherwise,  We will use our right to NOTA (None Of The Above). 

Dear friends, We appeal to the youth and all the Senior Citizens to join us in making our country an elder friendly one. Yes, We are the Change. Now it’s your turn to be the change!!!  If you also care about your Elders as much as we do, please share!

Silver Inning Foundation urges political parties, civil society, media, government and community to have any policy and program Inclusive of Senior Citizens or for all ages and have Empathy towards our Senior Citizens, one day we will too grow old......

Sailesh Mishra


Amarnath singh said...

In our country it is sad that we have different policy for the welfare of the senior citizens by the different states among which Goa is the best as per my knowledge.IN Maharashtra it is Rs. 200 congress should feel shame full to offer the amount to senior citizens,better not to give. BJP Party should have a Policy like Goa Govt,and do justice to siniors as we support a change.

Nidhi Arora said...

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Ramesh Bidhuri

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