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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Alzheimer's Prayer by Kate - Catherine Coutinho for Silver Innings

I just want to say Thank you for all your love and support I have received in these three months and I am filled with Joy that I have received Social Work Certificate Course Senior Citizen from College of Social Work -Nirmala Niketan Institute.   

My mission begin NOW and work All for the Glory of God, in all the fields that the Lord want me to put my hand on the field to plough and bear good fruits.

I have made a prayer for  ALZHEIMER'S PRAYER at A1 Snehanjali, Silver Innings assisted living elder care home : SAILESH MISHRA I thought of our Holy Father Pope Paul the II in his last day how he was suffering with ALZHEIMER'S, I did not know what it was and thinking of our Holy Father Pope Paul the II made prayer for all the Patient who are suffering from ALZHEIMER'S, I do not know why I made this prayer but it give me comfort for I do not know at the end what state of life we will live, For no one knows our future and we are in Gods hands and walking in the Footsteps of Christ ! and be saved.

My life begins now as a social work for the People of the people and the model of all social worker is Our Lord Jesus Christ : he is my model and I will imitate in Christ with all the guidance I have received  during the three months from the the Good people at Nirmala Nikethan.  Thanks you once again.

Sailesh, God bless you, and keep up to your good work, I really appreciate, all that you have done for us and to the world. Keep me in your prayer. Amen.



At time the visitors are confused of my behavior that keep them wonder about me,
Grant them the strength, and to over come the fear when they see me,
Forgive me of all my irritation that cause my visitors to go away,
You know Lord I am not in a stable frame of mind,
Dear Lord please walk with me in the mist of memory that has become
Where it leads me I do not know,

Dear Lord, you know me what I am,
Hold me nearer to you, and to appreciate all the Visitors.
For their kindness, love and support that keeps me still closer to you.
A newborn of Child in the world,
I depend totally to you lord,
For you are my instruments of Love, which give me, Joy forever.

Please Lord let them take my hand and stay awhile,
Even though I seem unaware of their presence.
Help them to know how their strength & Love, comfort me,
With their loving care, which draw me closer to, you Lord,
Just when I need it most in time of trial & suffering.

Let them know when I don't recognize them,
I need you lord to console there loving heart
And free them from sorrow, when it comes,
And let it pass gently and heal their heart of pain,
Let there be sunshine of your love Lord, reflecting in visitors souls
They have not seen me but its You Lord,

And finally Lord, please let them know,
How very much their visits mean to me,
Even through in relentless mystery of my sickness,
You can see Lord I can still feel their love,
With there gentle touch of appreciation caring,
And a window of your mirror is already reflecting in the souls.


In Christ!

Kate - Catherine Coutinho O.C.V.

1 comment:

senior alert button said...

Congratulations to you ! This is just gorgeous.
*love* both as the message and the quality of the writing.

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