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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yes I Can! Yes We Can!

Yes We Can! is a wonderfully positive statement that is circling the globe. I've heard it said in Africa, Europe and the U.S. by people from around the world. It brings renewed hope and knowledge that our personal power intensifies multifold when it becomes collective power with others.

As representatives of the older generations of our world, this affirmation is important to each of us. If you fall into thinking that because you are older you have less to give, you are mistaken. On the contrary, we have much more to contribute to our world, based on experience that we have personally and collectively lived.

Individually we have years of growth, development, knowledge, understanding, giving, receiving, learning, interacting, communicating, participating, teaching, sharing, and wisdom. We are influential and powerful role models.

Collectively we represent an unleashed power bringing all of our expertise, talents, experience and knowledge together.

Think about it. We have been the archetects of recent history. It is our history that has brought us to where we are today, both locally and globally. This is true no matter where we live.

And we have not finished. Each day becomes history as it ends and a new day begins. History is constantly in the making and we, the masters, continue to play a significant role.

Our role will become even stronger as the next generations join us at this « master » level. A larger population of people who have lived our history are becoming new masters each day, bringing their unique combination of experience to our pool of wisdom. Society will look to us to guide more and more as ever greater numbers of us remain active and vital to the home, community, nation and world.

This is why the affirmation, Yes We Can, must first become Yes I Can. Each of us must nourish a positive attitude as we move forward into today's history. Let's use our advantage of age!

Yes I Can furthers a personal positive attitude toward age and aging.

When great enough numbers of us embrace this personal positive attitude, it will become the powerful collective attitude of Yes We Can.

Age is no barrier. It is an advantage.

Make your Yes I Can statements powerful.

Nourish your own positive attitude with the exercise below, because
Yes, You Can.


1. Read the following collective positive affirmations out loud.

  • Yes I Can contribute my talents in the areas of humanitities, literature, art, politics, music, technologies, sports,
  • Yes I Can be a potent role model for others of all ages.
  • Yes I Can leave a significant legacy for generations not yet born.
  • Yes I Can share wisdom gained from living.
  • Yes I Can embrace my age and live it fully.
  • Yes I Can build new meaningful relationships.
  • Yes I Can stretch my talents to the wider community and the greater world.
  • Yes I Can be courageous and outrageous.
  • Yes I Can be an active player in the economy, politics and social platforms of society.
  • Yes I Can help form the future.
  • Yes I Can laugh and love with a positive attitude.
  • Yes I Can influence the history of today.
  • Yes I Can accept new challenges.
  • Yes I Can invent new technologies.
  • Yes I Can create new businesses.
  • Yes I Can mentor, guide and advise others.
  • Yes I Can realize new dreams
  • Yes I Can pave new paths
  • Yes I can bring perspective and understanding to new situations.
  • Yes I can keep a positive attitude of gratitude

2. Make this list your own. Any statements on the list that you consider to be collective statements, change to Yes We Can.

3. Add your own Yes I Can positive statements. These should be meaningful to you and spark action.

4. Choose the affirmations that seem right for you; not comfortable, but right. They should be statements that make you stretch and grow and that lead to action.

5. Ask yourself how you can begin to act on the affirmation. Just define a first step and the process begins.

6. Repeat these statements to yourself often, because together Yes We Can.

By Bonnie Lou Fatio of Age Esteem


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