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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

CALL FOR CONCEPT PROPOSALS by ICMR: Geriatrics and Bio-gerontology Research


Geriatric research in ICMR has demonstrated the need for focused research on the impact of social, economic and family transitions on the lives of the aged and to understand the biology and genetics of ageing. The idea is to explore new areas of research through amalgamation of biomedical and social approaches using quantitative and qualitative methods. These research initiatives would help to inform policy decisions and address challenges and opportunities of an ageing world.

To gather scientific evidence on the biology of ageing and the environmental, health, and economic implications of ageing ICMR announces the Call for concept Proposals (CFP) in the following broad areas viz.

A. Longevity, Brain Ageing and Neuro-degeneration

Scientific Priorities

Environmental, clinical and biological determinants of functional lifespan, effect of age-related diseases and longevity in humans, genetic studies, mental health and neurological disorders, epidemiology and burden of disease in the elderly

B. Nutrition in the aged

Scientific Priorities

Ageing and nutritional needs, assessment of nutritional status , under nutrition and obesity in aged, nutrition and degenerative diseases

The overall goals are to

1. Build a vibrant, multidisciplinary field of research and diverse network of researchers

2. Establish a research base for environmental, epidemiological, social and biological factors that influence healthy ageing


Scientists and researchers in regular employment in the Universities, medical colleges, postgraduate institutions and other research organization in India can apply. Private and Not for Profit NGOs with certification of recognition as a SIRO from the Department of Science and Industrial Research (DSIR) can also apply.

The maximum amount of funding allowable per project is Rs 50 lakhs (amended), for a maximum of three years.

How to apply

Interested researchers should submit the concept proposal that addresses the understanding of at least one of the scientific priorities given above. The concept proposal may be submitted in the following template: http://www.icmr.nic.in/icmrnews/geriatrics_and_bio_gero.htm

How to submit proposals:

Ten copies of the concept proposal should be submitted both in the printed and electronic form. The cover page of the proposal and the envelope should be marked as :


Dr. Geetha R. Menon
Scientist B
Division of Non-Communicable Diseases
Indian Council of Medical Research,
Post Box No. 4911
Ansari Nagar,
New Delhi-110029

e-mail : menong@icmr.org.in

NOTE: E-mail submissions not accompanied with printed copies will not be entertained.


An independent expert group will evaluate the proposal for its scientific merit, whether generates new research evidence, clarity of the objectives, sound research methodology to meet the objectives, research capacity of the investigators and whether the budget is realistic, clearly explained and directly linked to project activities. Based on the above criteria a final decision will be taken by Director General, ICMR. All applicants will be informed of the decision. If your concept proposal is selected, you will be invited to submit a full proposal.

Time line:

Last date for receipt of printed copies of the concept proposals is 30th April 2011 till 5.00 P.M.

Follow up after you apply:

We will acknowledge the receipt of the concept proposal within fifteen days of receiving your proposal. The decision of Director General, ICMR will be final. ICMR will notify the decision in writing within four months from the deadline.


All enquiries in relation to this call for proposal may be addressed to;

Dr. Geetha R. Menon
Email: menong@icmr.org.in


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