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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Book : ‘Geriatric Dentistry of India’ by 77yrs old Dr. P.G.Diwan M.D.S (Mumbai)

At 65th Indian Dental Association conference at Mumbai on 10th Feb 2012 , IDA President released the book 'Geriatric Dentistry In India' by Dr. P.G.Diwan .

The First of its kind book “Geriatric Dentistry of India” which is a compilation of articles published in different issues of Dental Journals, is written with the view of enlightening practicing dental surgeons about the new concepts of dental treatments offered to elders. They have been treating elders in their day-to-day practice, without receiving proper education of geriatric dentistry during their academic years.

Very soon the subject will be included in the syllabus of B.D.S. degree course conducted by the medical universities in India. The book, ’Geriatric Dentistry in India’, being the only book on this subject, written by Indian author, will be very useful book for the students of the dental colleges in India. It is beyond doubt that book will be in great demand.

The book ‘Geriatric Dentistry in India’ has 18 chapters spread over 216 pages out of which about 30 pages have color diagrams. The book ‘Geriatric Dentistry In India’ explains  geriatric approach in different branches of Dental Science. The subject is described in detail with the help of good number of diagrams and a few charts.

Price of Book : (INR) Rs. 450/-

To get the copy of this book contact:
DR P.G.Diwan M.D.S (Mumbai)  , 2,Palm Crest, Main Avenue, Santacruz, Mumbai 400054 Tel: 022 26461966 Mobile: 9820158386 . Email: pdgopinath@gmail.com


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