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Saturday, October 27, 2012

List of Organizations Working for Senior Citizens / Ageing in India , Oct 2012

JAC (Joint Action Committee of Senior Citizens Organizations  2012) Members 

1)     AISCCON
2)     International Longevity Center - India
3)     Nightingales Medical Trust
4)     Dignity Foundation
5)     Help Age India
6)     Silver Inning Foundation
7)     Harmony for Silvers Foundation
8)     GIC Pensioners Association
9)     The Family Welfare Agency
10)  General Insurance Pensioners, All India Federation 
11)  Brihan Mumbai Pensioners Association
12)  All India Bank Retirees Federation 
13)  Jeevan Adhar Seva Sanstha
14)  Indian Federation of Ageing
15)  All India Retired Reserve Bank Employee Association
16)  MTNL Pensioners Workers Associations
17)  All India Central Government Pensioners Association
18)  Brihan Mumbai Retired Employees Association
19)  All India Retired Insurance Employees Federation
20)  ARDSI , Greater Mumbai Chapter
21)  Center for Life Long Learning , TISS
22)  1298 Senior Citizens Helpline
23)  Bharat Pensioner’s Samaj (BPS)
24)  Development, Welfare and Research Foundation  (DWRF)
25)  Geriatric Care and Research , Bengal
26)  Lions Club Of India District 323A3
27)  All Bengal Geriatric Care Employees Association
28)  Pushpa MA Foundation
29)  Society of Geriatric Animators
31)  Shield Foundation
32)  National Alliance of Senior Citizens Associations of India [NASCAI]
33)  Retired Railway Employees Welfare Association (RRWEA)
34)  Respect Age International (RAI)
35)  Indian Association of Retired Persons [IARP]
36)  Andhra Pradesh Senior Citizens' Confederation
37)  Federation of Senior Citizens' of Maharashtra [FESCOM]
38)  Federation of Senior Citizens of UP [FESCUP]
39)  Federation of AP Senior Citzens' Organisations [FAPSCO]
40)  Kerala Federation of Senior Citizens' Associations
41)  Karnataka Senior Citizens Federation
42)  Tamil Nadu Senior Citizens' Confederation
43)  Delhi Federation of Senior Citizens' Associations
44)  Gujrat Federation of Senior Citizens
45)  Prantiya Varishtha Nagrik Mahasangh [MP]
46)  Varishtha Nagrik Sansthan [Rajasthan]
47)  Senior Citizens Council of Assam
48)  Kerala Sr.Citizens’ Forum
49)  Society for Serving Seniors, Hyderabad

Non JAC Members:
1)     Anugruha India
2)     Pension Parisad
3)     Age well foundation
4)     Shree Manav Seva Sangh
5)     Association of Gerontology (India) (AGI)
7)     Center for Research on Ageing, Dept of Psychology, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati
9)     The International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse , India(INPEA), C/o. DWRF
10)  Indian Association of Geriatric Mental Health (IAGMH)
11)  University of Third Age , U3A India, Jabalpur
12)  Indian Academy of Geriatrics , Delhi
13)  All India Central Confederation of Pensioner Association
14)  Center for Gerontological Studies

Institutes which work or have programme for Senior Citizens / Ageing:
1)     Heritage Hospital, Hyderabad
2)     Indian Medical Association (IMA)
3)     WHO
4)     UN
5)     Nursing Council of India
6)     IGNOU
7)     Indian Council of Social Science Research
8)     IIPS , Mumbai
9)     ICMR
10)  TISS (Tata Institute of Social Science), Mumbai
11)  Medical Council of India
12)  NIMHANS , Bangalore
13)  Bombay Psychiatric Society
14)  Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS)
15)  The Department of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH)
16)  Nirmala Niketan College of Social Work, Mumbai
17)  SNDT University, Mumbai
18)  SVT College of Home Science, Mumbai
19)  SNDT College of Social Work, Mumbai
20)  L.T. College of Nursing
21)  Tata Dorabji Trust, Mumbai
22)  Rehabilitation Council of India
23)  NISD (National Institute of Social Defense) MOSJE Ministry
24)  Nippon Care-Fit Association-India
25)  Industrial Design Centre-  IIT , Mumbai
26)  Indian Society of Ergonomics ,Mumbai
27)  The Bombay Community Public Trust
28)  Money Life foundation

There are total 91 Organisations , please also help us to collect their contact details and also to correct and add to the list . 

Pls note this is latest updated list as on 27th Oct 2012 , we have complied the info of several years and whole idea is to take our agenda ahead of Disseminating Information and Knowldeghe to Empower our Elders , Government , International Agency and Society at Large .

This comprehensive List is prepared by Sailesh Mishra & his Team at Silver Inning Foundation


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