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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My Lilfe After Retirement by Anil K Saxena

First of all when one is alive and active how can there be retirement in life ? We disengage from one career and engage in different profession to start SECOND INNING.

Picture courtesy: http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/portfolio/avoid-aggressive-equity-trading-after-retirement/article2932243.ece

I have achieved most of my professional ambitions and having my children well settled I have drawn a line of contentment and decided to pursue a different life style after convincing my family This is response to my inner voice calling to do something different somewhat different for some years now. It took nearly a years to plan to choose a different life style I have chosen a different life style engaging myself with some social organization like HELPAGE INDIA (Coordinator) AND INDIAN RED CROSS SOCIETY and promoting awareness programme for senior citizens, so that they can live with dignity, and  engage them within  their present environment , so that they do not feel lonely and neglected within home and society. Analyzing what i am going to miss or loose and what I stand to gain after choosing a different life style the gain features scored over loss. Let me narrate what they are.


It is more of miss rather than a loose

I miss my colleagues and Bank customers and lot of contacts, the government officials very dearly. The get together, reminiscences of good old days, healthy discussion, helping hand under difficult situations will remain green in my memory.

I am fully aware that whatever I miss can never be regained. I have pondered over these points for a long time. The longer the time I took, the picture emerged clear that I will be experiencing the same benefits and contacts much like my earlier years. I am always reminded the golden words of LORD BUDDHA that human birth is as rare as a morning star. After great contemplation I have decided to seek a different life style wherein I will be able to answer my inner voice. Now it is time for me to draw a line of contentment regarding professional life. l

a] Time for myself

The most valuable gain is the time for myself. I am free to choose what I want to do rather than what I have to do. I am free to alter my schedule to suit my other engagements, programme etc even at the last minute. I am only answerable to my inner voice. Daily wakeup time, bed time may be changed to suit my engagements. I am able to spend time for my school time hobby to collect stamps (Philately),  participated in district level and state level exhibitions, apart from winning medals, earn name and fame, broad coverage was given by print and electronic media. There is more than enough time to remain in solitude, introspect with, conscious breath. to remain in solitude is indeed is a great boon for seniors like us wherein we realize our shortcomings, egoism. Silence in solitude motivates us to become compassionate with love and empathy. I am able to express my opinion on social issues, written more than 300 critics, which are published in State  and National level newspapers , and it is continuing.  Two Appreciation letter, for best letter writing was given by the leading news paper of eastern India PRABHAT KHABAR. Got a chance to work as moderator in SBIAPA Bengal circle, and able solve many queries raised by the fellow pensioners.
MY published article:
Second Inning Magazine, SBI Central Office, Mumbai on many issues.
Annual Magazine TARPAN, published by Govt of Bihar on the occasion of Pitripaksh.
Monthly Magazine KENDRA BHARATI, published by Vivekananda Kendra –MY article almost every month.
INDIAN RAILWAY  – Monthly magazine by Indian Railways.
Patliputra News Letter quarterly magazine published by SBI Patna LHO
Letter to editor; Critics published in Hindustan times, Prabhat Khbar, Business standard Hindi (Almost Daily),Telegraph etc.
And there are so many small articles in news papers and various Blogs/face book etc.
Many senior citizens whom I meet  gives me food for thought, while rejuvenating my spirit and self belief. I have ample time for leisurely reading various magazines Another most valuable asset is that I have established contact with citizens/ pensioners with different life style people ,retired from various department, to whom I got a chance to serve during my service period. It is really soul satisfying to meet people with alternate interest and learn from them and exchange views . I have been fortunate to become a member of HELPAGE INDIA AND INDIAN RED CROSS SOCIETY, Association of Senior citizens associations of Bihar, SBI Pensioners association etc:


The value of this art I have realized only after retirement. Listening to various people, they are happy after having expressed their sufferings opinion in their own words and develop confidence in me . I am also able to understand their character, behaviOr, temperament etc. I am also becoming more mature and influences me to develop compassion, and care.
Quite likely the lingering I ego in me will be got rid of soon. I have learn a lot and still learning .Slowly I have become to respect others opinion and views and not trying to contradict them


For a Banker  there was always a stress. Now I don’t worry when cell phone or the front door bell rings. In fact I sleep better undisturbed and wake up fresh. I have leisurely meals enjoying every bite of it as such my digestion and bowel habits are at ease.

Over the last 40 years of professional carrier I have developed wide circle. To maintain the rapport and the confidence of my grateful friends continue to hear them and try to help as an when needed. I am happy for them.
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BK Kansal said...

Well said Mr. saxena. The alternate vocations are quite refreshing and a goo engagement.
After all it is our good luck if we become a media to give back to the society from where we got everything in life.
Keep it up.

Neha Agrawal said...

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