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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Some of the recommendation to fight Terrorism in India

Following are some of the recommendation for to fight Terrorism from my article My heart bleeds as Mumbai is attacked :

• Immediately have Federal Agency to control Terrorism

• An ex defense or serving defense expert in counter terrorism to head this Federal agency, they should be given Authority and responsibility. This should not be political appointment but only on merits under watchful eyes of Supreme Court

• This federal agency should work in coordination with three wings of Army and Para Military forces

• This federal agency should work in coordination with global anti terrorism agency

• India should take proactive step to establish Global Anti Terrorism Agency and work with them

• The NSA (National Security Advisor) should be of the a defense person only

• Any act of Terrorism should be under federal government and not on the state government

• To make our National, State, District, City, Panchayat level Intelligence powerful – take help of local police, post office , ration office , Cable TV wala , Barber , laundry wala etc

• Make a strict Law to tackle terrorism - even if we have to sacrifice some of our basic freedom

• Max punishment should be Death for any act of terrorism and it cant be appealed

• Immediately Hang all the terrorist who have been convicted

• Make a special court with time bound to tackle terrorism cases - max 6 months time to dispose the case
• To have NSG at all state Capitol

• At time of any terrorist attack NSG should only play the active role supported by local police and para defense forces

• At any terrorist attack ,a Curfew should be implement till the final sanitizing of the place or clearance by NSG

• To have 6 monthly drill in each metro city of the state

• To have one single national ID card programme

• All Bangladeshi should be removed from this country - Supreme Court has already issued this order long ago

• To have Electrical fencing all through out the border

• To have multi tier and well coordinated Air and Sea surveillance system

• To train all people near border and sea coast with basic defense and security system

• To train one squad of Police / Defense in each district with Anti Terrorist warfare

• To immediately have latest weapon/ ammunition for fight with Terrorist – like infra red guns, night vision guns, helicopters, speed boats etc

• To have strict vigil at all time at all the entry points of all the major metropolitan city

• To immediately install CCTV at all major traffic signals, entry points, railway station , hotels, major installations. Also to maintain the same and have routine check ups.

• To have Disaster management at place in each district , which meets every month

• Media should be regulated at such event, what kind of reporting should be done

• Jammer for Satellite phones should be tried

• To take action on all those corrupt government officials, politicians and citizens who collaborate with terrorist – the enemy of country ,the enemy of humanity

• No public or politician should be allowed at this site at time of action

• To take help of specialized forces around the globe

• To give basic training in self defense to all college students

• To emphasis on Education, employment and self employment of weaker section of society

A proactive approach and a will, could help to tackle Terrorism.

Lets not sit down, lets not blame any one, let’s take action, lets make effort towards better and peaceful world

India needs a strong leader, a political will, needs a responsible and nationalist citizens.

Together we all can DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Salute to all those security persons who fought with the terrorist and Lets pray for the peace of those who died in this battle.

So wake up Indians ,Unite - this might be last opportunity to save our Country, to save ourselves.

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