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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Problem in Health Insurance for Senior Citizens in India

A Senior Citizen wrote to me with regards to difficulties faced by him with the Mediclaim poilicies in India,following is note from his mail.I would request you all to give your opnion:

I would like to draw the attention of non-pensioner senior citizens through your organization to thr high increase in mediclaim policy premiums approved by the IRDA. Unfortunately,these Boards are manned mostly by retired bureaucrats, who are not only insensitive to the plights of commoner but also are self-centred.

I pointed out the points to reconsider to the Chairman of IRDA and to the Finance Minister, sometime back,to reconsider certain guidelines to make the mediclaim policies affordable by the senior citizens, who does not enjoy pension facilities.

1) The policies should be made transferable from one insurer to another
during renewal with full benifits of entry age and bonuses etc.
from the existing policy.
2) The premium should be maintained same at a particular age stage,such
as 60 to 65 yrs, 66 to 70 yrs etc. etc. The age related Load Factor
should never be more than 20% of the previous stage.
3) Refusal of reimbursement in full or in part should always be referred
to a Tribunal, manned by knowlegeable citizens, who are non-political
and non-bureaucrats, well represented by all the regions of the country
and tyheir names should never represnt loke the telephone directory of a
particular region of the country. Refusal of renewal of a policy by an
insurer should also be referred to this Tribunal automatically.

My reason to make these above points as I have found out in a hardway,like many other senior citizens that IRDA has approved a very high increase in premiums,I have paid as follows:
For 2007-07 (age 72 & 68yrs-Spouse and self) Rs. 15,165
For 2007-08 (age 73 & 69 yrs-spouse and self) Rs. 21,214 [an increase of
For 2008-09 (age 74 & 70yrs-spouse and self) Rs. 34,306 [an increas of

HOW do we justify these increases, when along with the high increase in cost of loving, the bank interest rates on deposits, which are oue only income reduced gradually from ~10.0% to ~6.0% for the reasons better known to our Hon'ble politicians ?

My purpose in writing to you with the hope that you will be able to mobilize the opinions of senior citizens in this matter and represent the facts to the proper authorities. Our individual writing increse the bulk of the DUSTBIN of the unconcerned selfcentered authorities.

With my regards.

B. N. Ghose
Kolkata,India - 700 068,
PH. (033)2473 0674/2499 1169.
Email : bsnsgs@gmail.com


Subrahmanian said...

Dear Shaileshji,
Dr Ghosh has a fine point to be taken up right earnest, I'm sure you must be thinking on the lines already.
We @ 73 and 69 have always been out of the ambit so far and slowly moving further.
Not for us. We must come to the help of such, I believe.

compare commercial insurances said...

Yes this problem is being faced faced by many people who wanted to take insurance plans as the carrier do have fixed an age limit beyond which they deny to make the policy. I like the guidelines suggested above as it will help many of us and elderly can do enjoy their life without having any kind of tension regarding their health expenses.

aliah said...


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