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Monday, April 12, 2010

NATIONAL LAWS for Elderly in different countries

Constitution of the Czech Republic
Article 30
(1) Citizens are entitled to material security in old age and during incapacitation for work, as well as in the case of loss of their provider.
(2) Everybody who suffers from material need is entitled to such assistance as is essential for securing his or her basic living conditions.
(3) Detailed provisions in this respect shall be set by law.

Constitution of the Republic of Estonia
Article 28
“(…) An Estonian citizen has the right to state assistance in the case of old age, inability to work, loss of a provider, or need. The categories and extent of assistance, and the conditions and procedure for the receipt of assistance shall be provided by law. Citizens of foreign states and stateless persons who are in Estonia have this right equally with Estonian citizens, unless otherwise provided by law. (…)”

Constitution of the Kingdom of Spain
Article 50
The public authorities shall guarantee, through adequate and periodically updated pensions, a sufficient income for citizens in old age. Likewise, and without prejudice to the obligations of the families, they shall promote their welfare through a system of social services that provides for their specific problems of health, housing, culture and leisure.

Constitution of the French Republic
11- (...) Any human being who is unable to work because of his age, his physical or mental condition or his financial situation, shall have the right to obtain the appropriate means for living from the community.

Constitution of Ireland
Article 45.4
The State pledges itself to safeguard with especial care the economic interests of the weaker sections of the community, and, where necessary, to contribute to the support of the infirm, the widow, the orphan, and the aged. (...)

Constitution of the Republic of Latvia
“Everyone has the right to social security in old age, for work disability, for unemployment and in other cases as provided by law.”

Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania
Article 38
(...) The right and duty of parents is to bring up their children to be honest people and faithful citizens and to support them until they come of age.
The duty of children is to respect their parents, to take care of them in old age, and to treasure their heritage.
Article 52
The State shall guarantee the right of citizens to receive old age and disability pensions, as well as social assistance in the event of unemployment, sickness, widowhood, loss of breadwinner, and other cases provided for in laws.

Constitution of the Republic of Hungary
Article 70/E
“(1) Citizens of the Republic of Hungary have the right to social security; they are entitled to the support required to live in old age, and in the case of sickness, disability, being widowed or orphaned and in the case of unemployment through no fault of their own. (…)”

Constitution of Malta
Article 17
“(…) (2) Workers are entitled to reasonable insurance on a contributory basis for their requirements in case of accident, illness, disability, old-age and involuntary unemployment. (…)”

Constitution of the Republic of Poland
Article 68
(...)3. Public authorities shall ensure special health care to children, pregnant women, handicapped people and persons of advanced age.

Constitution of the Portuguese Republic
Article 72
1. Old people have the right to economic security and to conditions of housing and of family and community life that respect their personal autonomy and prevent or surmount their isolation and marginal position in society.
2. The policy for the old shall also include economic, social and cultural measures that aimed at providing old people with opportunities for self-fulfilment through active participation in the life of the community.

Constitution of the Slovak Republic
Article 39
(1) Citizens shall have the right to adequate material security in their old age, as well as in cases of incapability for work and death of the breadwinner of a family.
(2) Any person suffering material need shall have the right to such kind of assistance that is necessary to secure his or her basic standard of life.
(3) A law shall lay down details on the rights pursuant to paragraphs 1 and 2.

Source: http://www.europarl.europa.eu/comparl/libe/elsj/charter/art25/default_en.htm#7

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