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Thursday, August 22, 2013

A1 Snehanjali , Assisted Living Elder Care Home for Dementia / Alzheimer's , Parkinson

A1 SNEHANJALI , A Silver Innings TM Assisted Living Elder Care Home ,  “Transforming lives to mitigate loneliness, helplessness, and boredom”. 


Silver InningsTM is proud to open “A1 Snehanjali”, its first 24 x 7 assisted living facility in a care-home for seniors, who do not need constant medical intervention or nursing home care. The care-home is located at historic town of Nalasopara (West Rly), which is about 50 km from Mumbai in western suburb. It is located on the plot just opposite “D’silva Nagar Bus Stop” at Nala village. The well known coastal beaches like Kalamb, Rajodi, Arnala and Suruchi Wadi are within 2 to 4 kms radius. Historical Buddhist caves, Church, Agashi Jain Temple, Shani Dev Temple, Vasai Fort are other famous places to visit which are within the proximity of the care-home. It is accessible from Nalasopara, as well as from Vasai and Virar on western suburbs. Sanjeevani Hospital, Cardinal Gracious Hospital, Alliance and Riddhi Siddhi Hospital are within emergency access. This fabulous bungalow with a garden and home-like atmosphere will accommodate maximum of 13 seniors. Silver InningsTM a social enterprise , was founded in 2008 and since then it has committed to ensure that ageing gracefully becomes a positive and rewarding experience for all seniors.

At A1 Snehanjali our mission is to help elders and their family members to overcome the challenges of ageing and show them the way to transform lives to mitigate loneliness, helplessness and boredom and live with dignity in their silver years.

Our nurturing and trained professional staff is dedicated to provide all residents with highest level of quality and expert services. Families subscribing to our service will be assured peace of mind; knowing that their loved one is enjoying his/her best days of “Silver Years” at A1 Snehanjali. A therapeutic and secure environment will be provided to the residents along with non-pharmacological interventions if required.

     A1 Snehanjali has created package of integrated amenities that is designed to provide seniors with most of the service required to lead a normal home-like life. It offers both personalized and group programs and services that focus on stimulating mind, body and soul.  We are offering a convenient month-to-month room rental that includes the following: Comfortable room including basic utilities ; Three VEG meals a day (As per nutritional requirement) ; Common dining facility (with option for room service if required ) ;Access to attending staff 24 hours a day ; Daily housekeeping and weekly laundry service ;Daily activities and exercise programs ; Transportation to doctor’s appointments ; Medication management, assistance with pill box ; Weekly medical checkup ; Doctor on call ; Grooming and Hygiene ; Incontinence care ; Bathing & Dressing

General Principles of Caring for Residents at A1 Snehanjali

         Person Centered Care
         Dignity & Respect

Unique Features of A1 Snehanjali:

What is Snehanjali care?
The power of loving touch has proved to have calming effect on seniors and decreases the need for psychiatric medication. Massage along with soothing music will be provided to seniors as part of Snehanjali care depending upon need.

What is Dementia care?
We have trained our staff at A1 Snehanjali, to provide care for persons challenged with dementia. This involves redirection, engagement, stimulation, simplifying complex tasks and speaking to seniors at slow pace in an appropriate tone. Brain fitness will be promoted using games, puzzles, crosswords etc. The facility has a secured environment that enables persons with dementia to stroll freely in a protected and supervised setting.

What is Parkinson’s Care?
Seniors with Parkinson’s disease will undergo a range of motion exercises daily to prevent contractures and maintain their mobility. Staff at A1 Snehanjali will ensure that durable medical equipment such as canes, walkers, wheelchairs are used by the senior to assist with ambulation and prevent falls.

What Social Services will be available?
Silver Innings TM is well known for linking seniors with available community resources based on needs. Seniors at “A1 Snehanjali” will be taken on field trips to community events or people from community will visit regularly. They can participate in a variety of activities such as yoga, arts and crafts and Chai Social (Tea chats).

What Nutrition will be provided?
A1 Snehanjali understands the importance of nutrition. It has direct impact on health, socialization and well-being of seniors. A healthy, nutritious, vegetarian low fats diet rich in proteins with fruits, vegetables etc. as advised by experienced dietician, will be provided to the seniors daily to promote healthy ageing.

We have tried our best to make rooms and overall ambience to be pleasing and tastefully designed to meet the comfort of the seniors. Apart from these bedrooms, it has a separate kitchen to cook only vegetarian food, a living cum reception room and an activity space for some group activities and visitor’s waiting room. The facility is equipped with amenities including Television, Music system, Activity area, Inverter and Generator for back-up during power failure, Fire extinguisher, walk way, a beautiful garden around the bungalow and CCTV cameras for security.

Non Refundable and Refundable deposit plus monthly payment for 2 year, 3 year or 5 year living option. Cost does not include Medicine, Diaper’s, Toiletries and Specialized Medical Diagnosis and Treatment.

The Eden Alternative ®

Project Advisors:
Dr. Devendra Save, MD, Psychiatrist
Dr. Manjoj Hunur, MD, Neurologist

Founder Members:
Ramakant & Manjula Mishra
Jimmy and Dolly Dordi
Team Mentors:
*         Dr. Charles Pinto, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry
*         Susan Somers, Gen Sec INPEA, USA
*         Dr Sanjay Kumawat, MD, Psychiatrist
*         Dr. Radha Murthy, President Nightingales Medical Trust

Advocate and Legal Advisor:
Solicitor Rajni Divkar

Hon. Consultants:
*         Dr. Nidhi Mishra, (Ph.D) Gerontologist
*         Prof. Parul Kibliwala, Professor (Nursing), SNDT University
*         Raheen Jummani, Clinical Psychologist
*         Neha Chedda, Dietician
*         Dr. Alka Subramanyam, MD, Psychiatrist
*         Dr. Leena Gangooli, Family Care Physician
*         Dr. Neha Deshpande Kamat (Ph.D) Gerontologist and Trainer 
*         Dr. Amol Sangekar, Occupational Therapist and Ergonomic Consultant

International Consultants:
*         Reis Woollen, Geriatric Nurse & Elder Care Educator, California, USA
*         Hendi Lingiah, Psychologist & Aging Service Management Consultancy, France
*         Prof. Denise Burnette, Sociologist, Columbia University, USA
*         Dr. Ritabelle Fernandes, Geriatrician, Hawai, USA

Networking Partners:
Silver Inning Foundation
ARDSI Greater Mumbai Chapter
OYA (Open Your Arm) 
Neha Nutrifit and Fitness
CNA Architects

For More Information please Contact:
Center Manager: 91+9323919145
Skype: a1snehanjali

Site Address: Marciana Bungalow, D’silva Nagar, Nala Village, Nalasopara West, (Mumbai W.Rly), Taluka Vasai, Dist. Thane, Maharashtra. India. 401203

Silver Innings is Social Enterprise. 10% of profit earned from this initiative will be spent for funding activities of ‘Silver Inning Foundation’, an NGO dedicated for Senior Citizens.



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