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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Demography of Aging in Indian Parliament 2009 : Aged MP's

The country is known for its culture, tradition is becoming home for large scale Elder Abuse.

Civil Society, Politician’s, Government don’t think Ageing needs attention. We boast of our joint family but now we have more nuclear and micro nuclear family, where will our elderly go.We also need to empower them.

Elderly are often left alone to defend themselves, the age when they want peace, security and dignity they are fighting for their Basic rights.

Political parties don’t think Senior Citizens as Vote Bank (is 13% not vote bank?). It’s sad that in Indian Parliament where we have around 34% and 53% MP’s in lower and upper house respectively who are Senior Citizens (60+ ) themselves hardly talk about issues and problem of their aged community.

The neglect and ignorance of Indian government and Political parties can be seen in non implementation of NPOP 1999(which is now more than 11 years old ) and Senior Citizens Maintenance Act 2007.

There is total lack of political and social will.

Senior Citizens and Organizations working for Elderly are forced to observe National Protest Day on 16th August 2010 to demand Elder Right. All over the country Elderly will observe Black Day to protest abuse by Federal and State Government.

At Silver Inning Foundation we have been advocating for Elder Right and separate ministry or National Commission for Senior Citizens and hence we release some Eye opener statistics of Indian Parliament, hope this will help Elderly , civil society , political parties and Government to formulate policy , plan of action for benefit of our Elderly :

Total Indian Population as on 2008: approx. 1 billion 1,147,995,904

Aged Population as on 2008: approx. 8% approx 90 million

Total Electoral as on 2008: 705,788,184

Aged Electoral 60+ age group: approx.13%

Indian Parliament 2009:

Lok sabha (Lower House) : Total MP’s 543

MP’s 60+ age group: 185: 34%

Max Age: 89yrs: Das,Shri Ram Sundar , Hajipur(Bihar )

MP’s in age group 58 yrs to 59 yrs: 41

MP’s Young Old (60- 70 yrs): 140
MP’s Old Old (71 – 80yrs): 40
MP’s Very Old (81+ yrs): 5

Rajya sabha (Upper House): Total MP’s 237
MP’s 60+ age group: 126: 53%

Max Age: 90 yrs Shri Rishang Keishing

MP’s in age group 57 yrs to 59 yrs: 14

MP’s Young Old (60- 70 yrs) - 67
MP’s Old Old (71 – 80yrs ) - 51
MP’s Very Old (81+ yrs) - 8

In 2004
Maximum age of the candidate-94 years (Ramchandra Veerappa in Bidar, Karnataka)

Average age of the elected MPs is 52.63 Years.

Source: http://loksabha.nic.in/ ;http://rajyasabha.nic.in/rsnew/rsweb.asp


james said...

The information you given is very helpful for the conscious people and it helps to communicate Senior Living Homes

Vinod Varshney said...

This share of 13% among voters is a huge-vote-bank. I hope sooner than later some politicians would take advantage of this. Currently the institutional system of elderly care is needed on commercial basis. Very little is available. Government should think of private public partnership is this area.
Vinod Varshney

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