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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Going Back to School After Retirement

A great number of workers coming up on retirement (as well as those who are already retired) are forced to consider the virtually limitless options in terms of what to do after leaving the workplace. While in the past retirement has been considered a time for relaxation after a long and arduous working life, many find that the demands of their former careers have left them with the need for structure and accomplishment in daily life.

It is not uncommon for a percentage of retirees to devote themselves to community organizations through volunteer work. With a lifetime of experience, they can often bring a great deal of value to workplace. Some go one step further and actually continue working, albeit in part time positions. Both of these options give retirees opportunities to continue interacting with like minded people.

For those retirees who enjoy structure in their daily lives, and who are committed to learning at any stage of life, online college may be the best answer. Online college programs offer an extraordinary amount of flexibility while providing older students opportunities for academic growth at extremely reasonable prices, and without the commute!

While retirees often have varying levels of technological aptitude, there is no need for concern. Ever increasing advances in technology have been implemented to make accessing online colleges easier than ever for those who have little to no computer experience. These very same technological advances also allow for ever increasing interaction between instructors and students, creating an educational atmosphere that is in every way similar to sitting in a physical classroom. In this sense, all the student really needs are an internet connection and a willingness to learn.

A great aspect of most online colleges is the diversity of programs available. Just as with physical universities, online colleges can offer the student a wide variety of educational disciplines from which to choose, ranging from accounting to zoology. Needless to say, course material is developed by trained and qualified educators who specialize in conducting online classes, which guarantees that students will have the skills necessary to make a difference in the world.

After retirement, if you are looking for ways of increasing your skill set, or if you simply are someone who is an avid learner, you may be a strong candidate for online college, the wave of the future in the world of education.

The following articles was written by Wendy Graham, a freelance writer that contributes to OnlineCollegeGuru.org, a guide to online colleges.

Posted by Wendy Graham


jenniferarndt01 said...

Continuing education is so important as we age. It helps keep our minds sharp and gives us a renewed energy. A lot of active adult communities organize special relationships with local colleges and universities to help their residents get started on their path to continued education and lifelong learning. This is sometimes just the gentle nudge needed to get the potential new student on the road to success.

Sue Bailey said...

I feel going back to school at any age is beneficial and it continues to stimulate your mind, aspirations and goals.

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