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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Senior Citizens in India to observe 16TH August as BLACK DAY

Senior Citizens’ National Protest Day 16th August 2010

After 63 years of Independence and democracy experiment there are segments of people who are not treated at par with others, there is injustice and discrimination towards them. One of the most neglected and ignored segment is of Senior Citizens. Elders are not considered as part of mainstream, there is unjust treatment to those who gain 60 years of age, and they are suddenly considered ‘Retired’, good for nothing.
Government and Civil Society are not bothered of this experienced and skill group of people.

For several decades, Governments at the center and in the states have been neglecting the problems of senior citizens. Just look at the plight of elders and gross indifference of our Rulers:
• Out of 10 crores of older persons, 66% go hungry every day; 90% have no social or health security; 37% are lonely and neglected.
• National Policy on Older Persons – Announced in 1999 – Not a single state has fully implemented this policy so far
• Only 3 states out of 35 have effectively implemented the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act – though three years have passed.
• Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme implemented by only a few States
• There is no comprehensive medical or health care for old people even after 60 years

Several sincere and serious attempts to get Governments involved and to listen to our problems and demands have failed. Should we take it lying down any more? No, we should make our needs and demands known to public and pressure the Rulers to take notice. Therefore, a Protest Day, on an all India basis, will be observed on August 16. Nearly thirty State and National level organizations connected with senior citizens from all over India are taking part in this massive movement.

There will be protest activities in every city, town, district and Panchayat to highlight the indifferent attitude of the Governments to our concerns and to press our following major demands:
• Health insurance for all Senior Citizens without any age related restriction or that due to pre existing health condition.
• Immediate implementation of the Maintenance & Welfare of Parents & Senior Citizens Act all over the Country.
• Cover all BPL inmates of Old Age Homes including the terminally ill under fully subsidized health insurance and pay those eligible the Old Age Pension.
• Truthful and honest implementation of the Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme all over the Country and payment of minimum of Rs 500/- pension.
• 50% concession in Railway and State Bus fares for all Senior Citizens.
• Exclusive Ministry and National Commission for Older Persons at the Centre.
• As India is Signatory to UN ‘Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing 2002’ we hereby demand to implement/adopt all the principals of Madrid plan in NPOP (National Policy of Older Person).
• Uniform Age of 60 yrs

All senior citizens are requested to actively participate in observing the Protest Day to voice our above demands. What have you to do on the Protest Day?
• Wear a black band through out that day
• Write Post card for Protest to President ,Prime minister, MOSJE, CM’s ,Municipal corporation of state
• Participate in any rally, procession, walkathon, human chain, signature campaign, public meeting, submission of memorandum to local MP’s, MLA’s, etc that may be organized by your local Senior Citizens’ or Pensioners’ Association.

The entire exercise will be peaceful, dignified and devoid of any violence – keeping in line with the expectations of the public from senior citizens. Please contact your local Senior Citizens’/Pensioners’ Association and get to know the programme for the Day.

We request all stake holders including NGO’s, Academicians, Institutions, students and Senior Citizens themselves to come ahead and Protest against the neglect and abuse of Senior Citizens by central and state government.

In Mumbai on 16th August 2010 thousands of Seniors Citizens are going to assemble for Protest Meet at Azda Miadan, near CST station at 2pm to 4pm and submit Memorandum to Chief Minister and Governor for Maharashtra,.

Senior Citizens National Protest Day, Maharashtra Supporting Organization
16th August 2010

3. Silver Inning Foundation
4. International Longevity Center - India
5. Harmony for Silvers Foundation
6. GIC Pensioners Association
7. The Family Welfare Agency
8. General Insurance Pensioners, All India Federation
9. Brihan Mumbai Pensioners Association
10. All India Bank Retirees Federation
11. Jeevan Adhar Seva Sanstha
12. Dignity Foundation
13. Help Age India
14. Indian Federation of Ageing
15. Shree Ramanugrah Trust
16. All India Retired Reserve Bank Employee Association
17. MTNL Pensioners Workers Associations
18. All India Central Government Pensioners Association
19. Brihan Mumbai Retired Employees Association

Issued by Joint Action Committee for organizing Senior Citizens National Protest Day

On behalf of Joint Action Committee, Mumbai:
Dr.S.P.Kinjawadekar, President AISCCON - 9820639773
Vijay Aundhe – Gen Sec. FESCOM – Mumbai - 9969845225
Keshav Samant, Gen Sec, General Insurance Pensioners All India Federation - 9869279034
Sailesh Mishra,(Coordinator, JAC All India Committee)President, Silver Inning Foundation - 9819819145 .
Email: sailesh2000@gmail.com


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